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What riddles at the Nevyansky tower?

at the beginning of the eighteenth century in Nevyansky Plant by order of the Ural manufacturer Akinfiya Demidov the unusual tower was erected. It staid up to now and still surprises with the unsolved secrets...

Externally the tower is similar to the Russian tent belltower. But with a height of 57,5 meters it is rejected by an axis on Hugo - the West on 1,86 meters! Thickness of brick walls in the lower part of a tower about two meters. All tower is penetrated by a framework from cast iron and iron, in places of an exit to a surface of walls of a beam are fixed by pig-iron washers.

This design was unique for those times. Inside too there is a lot of cast iron - the window and door boxes, plates covering a floor consist of it. The top is presented by the dome in the tent form topped with a weather vane and a pig-iron sphere with thorns (lightning rod).

So, we rise by the first floor. Data, about what here was did not remain. On the second floor once there was Demidov`s office. To get to laboratory on the third floor, we pass on the ladder made in the thickness of a wall. Pass is very narrow, calculated on one person. In this laboratory the found ores were tested, and as scientists at research of soot from flue walls found, gold and silver secretly melted.

Why secretly? The matter is that Demidov the plant belonged conditionally (by the posessionny right). In 1702 Peter I charged to the Tula armorer Nikita Demidov (father Akinfiya) to construct iron foundry on the Neiva River. At that time very much cast iron for molding of guns was required. It was authorized to it to buy by the imperial diploma serfs and to use lands, a subsoil and the woods for needs of production. Therefore were afraid of Demidova that rumors about finds of gold will reach imperial ears and the earth will go to the state treasury.

On the fourth floor the acoustical room is located. Thanks to a special vaulted ceiling on which the sound easily extended from one corner in another on diagonal Akinfy Demidov eavesdropped on others conversations. The guide suggests everyone to try to stand in a corner of the acoustical room. Feelings are inexpressible! Told by whisper in one corner, it is transferred in another very accurately and loudly, and in the center of the room nobody hears anything.

We climb inconvenient abrupt steps up. On the top floors the inclination is already noticeably felt. One more highlight of a tower - the English clockwork with a musical drum and bells which was more expensive than all tower. Hours work still. As before, they are brought manually once a day. One more ladder - and from an observation deck opens a beautiful view of vicinities of Nevyansk. At the impression menyaskladyvatsya that the tower is shaken on wind (or fear of height amplified?) . Rather back, to the firm earth!

In tower vaults, according to an ominous legend, workmen worked, secretly minting coins for Demidov. When the empress directed check to Nevyansk, cellars together with people were flooded by order of Akinfiya. However confirmation to this legend is not found. Also the tower inclination reason is unknown.

Two versions move forward: creation of an inclination is conscious (at restoration the cut-off bricks were found) or an inclination after laying of the basis under the influence of ground waters. Scientists conducted research, and they revealed that the tower is subject only to century draft but the inclination does not increase, the spike and separate knots of a structure are not displaced .

Now Nevyansk which already celebrated the tercentenary, the quiet Ural town. Only the Nevyansky tower looks at us from time immemorial as a reminder on former greatness.