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For whom wedding march of Mendelssohn for the first time sounded?

on October 14, 1843, 165 years ago, in Potsdam the premiere of the performance " took place; Midsummer Night`s Dream according to Shakespeare`s play. Nothing unusual in it, maybe, was - Shakespeare and earlier very willingly put. - music to a performance wrote the only difference from other premieres 34 - the summer composer Jacob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn - Bartoldi whom some contemporaries for convenience called just Felix Mendelssohn. Then in a performance for the first time sounded Wedding march who is familiar, perhaps, to all grooms and brides.

Felix was born in Hamburg on February 3, 1809 in a rich Jewish family. His grandfather, the philosopher Mozes Mendelssohn, was enough - the famous person in Germany though in this country it is enough - watchfully treated Jews. Tried to give to the son Abraham Mozes more practical education - economic. There is nothing surprising that Abraham became a banker: the father had quite good communications in all spheres of society.

The main thing - to replace belief?

the Bride to the son was picked up from a decent Jewish family, but as soon as young people created a cell of society, the wise grandfather advised newlyweds, in order to avoid various conflicts, to adopt Christianity. So they also arrived, naturally, their firstborn - the daughter Fanny, and the son Felix were baptized in Christianity. And they were given of Mendelssohn - Bartoldi.

In some measure change of religion helped Abraham to find the quite good town in one of the Berlin banks and when little Felix was three years old, the family moved to the capital of Germany. Here Fanny began to practise seriously music, and Felix constantly turned at it under legs and listened as the sister played. Eventually, it interested him too so soon in a family Mendelsonov two musicians appeared at once. And, in spite of the fact that Fanny was the child who is very presented from the musical point of view, the younger brother caught up with it soon and overtook.

Not the musician, so poet... is farther than

A business joined parents. Public relations - campaign was carried out top-level, an avskor Felix already took composition lessons from the friend writer Goethe - the composer Karl Friedrich Zelter. By then, as the young musician was 11 years old, he already wrote a number of interesting works. So bright that Karl Friedrich decided to acquaint young talent with great Goethe.

The boy made very strong impression on the poet. Both mature music, and personal charm. Moreover, Goethe was struck as far as zrela and are coherent judgments of the young composer, he owns the word very skillfully. And therefore the poet even joked: Where you got such treasure, Carle? Mark my words: if from it the outstanding composer, so the poet and the writer for certain " does not turn out;

But least of all his father Abraham Mendelssohn trusted in a bright composer star of the child. For it the son was something like the interesting project, and he thought of whether to invest the capital in the child? And to dispel all doubts, brought it to Paris to show Luigi Cherubini, to the Italian composer who was considered as one of large authorities in the field of music on France, was the director of the Parisian conservatory. Despite talent (Luigi wrote many operas), it was the person very venomous and conservative. It was almost impossible to be pleasant to it, at everyone it right there found defect.

Career began is promising...

But young Felix Mendelssohn and his music very much were pleasant to the severe master. Your son, the monsieur, will far go - predicted to Abraham Luigi Cherubini. From 16 years the father decided not to feel sorry for means for the son

In 17 years Felix composed the overture to Shakespeare`s comedy Midsummer Night`s Dream but to a music turn Wedding march addressed considerably later, 15 years later. Composer youth of Mendelssohn reminded puff pie. He suddenly was idolized, snatched with sharp criticism. It is good still that in stigmatization rush the young musician did not decide to give up music 1829 when to it entrusted to conduct in Leipzig one of monumental works of Bach " became

the Rotary point in Mendelssohn`s life; Passion according to St.Matthew at that time absolutely forgotten and not executed within hundred years. Felix perfectly got along with this case and tested the real triumph. Soon after the young conductor and the composer invited to England where very much it was pleasant to it.

Mendelssohn`s life consisted of concerts, writing of music and trips. It with big pleasure went to Italy under which impression wrote Italian symphony then went to Paris and again to London. And a bit later it was convinced of justice of words that there is no prophet in the fatherland. So, he very much dreamed of a position of the director of the Singing chapel in Berlin especially as a competition was held. But its candidacy was ruthlessly rejected - is young still!

Did not live up to recognition...

Felix Had to go to Dusseldorf where he within three years served as a conductor. Then returned to Leipzig where struck contemporaries with the vigor and a versatility. Mendelssohn in the same 1843 founded the Germany`s first conservatory there and employed in it the best German musicians, including Schuman

But we will return to To Wedding march . To tell that he was marked out at once - it is impossible because Felix Mendelssohn did not live till this light minute as his work became standard. In 1847 it had a trip to London where Felix worked very hard. It returned to Germany absolutely exhausted. And soon reported to him about sudden death of the beloved sister Fanny. Mendelssohn did not endure this blow, he died on November 4, 1847.

And it Wedding march for the first time sounded 11 years later after his death, in 1858 during a ceremony of wedding of future Prussian king Frederick III and the English princess Victoria Adelgeyda, the oldest daughter of the Queen Victoria. I suspected that it will be interesting to you how there was this marriage for the first time dawned Mendelssohn`s work. When they got married, the young princess was 14 years old, and to her spouse 24. In marriage at them four sons and four daughters were born. It proceeded 30 years until Friedrich died from cancer...