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Who suffers from Oedipus`s complex?

Such question play an important role for those women and men who in the life already faced a problem of impossibility of alienation of, parents, darlings. For the reason unknown to that. Therefore I suggest to remember still the old tragedy of the outstanding antique writer Sophocles Tsar Oedipus and actually, the main hero of this work - Oedipus whom, already mature man, managed to fall in love with own mother and not filial love, but man`s, carnal, guilty.

This history with nothing good neither for Oedipus, nor for his environment ended: many tears were shed, and an incest gods cruelly punished. Since then a lot of water flowed away, but with the advent of famous Siegmund Freud this myth was given the " shape; " complex; and contemporaries suffer from it, sometimes without suspecting that, suffering incredible torments, subjecting to sufferings of the relatives.

such phenomenon in psychology when the kid feels an unconscious attraction to the parent of an opposite sex was called Oedipus`s complex. It is no wonder that this inclination is followed by jealousy from the baby of the parent of the floor, and in special cases even unconscious desire of death of this parent. Most often the complex appears at a fallichesky stage of development of the kid when he finds the not similarity with one of parents. Interest in the and parental dissimilarity begins to torment eventually the child that interestingly, even envy can develop.

Freud used the term Oedipus " complex; in relation to people of both floors. Is much later the famous scientist Karl Jung describing the similar phenomenon at girls, Electra`s complex - by name the Greek maiden suffering from a physical inclination to own father, and therefore competing to mother for his precious attention entered concept. To the word I will notice that not all experts share the point of view about existence of this phenomenon, but nevertheless events of modern life confirm the fact of presence of some elements.

Of course, the modern world is rich in any inventions and therapy left far forward. However the sense of the entered concepts from it did not run low, and just changed a little. It is interesting that not only the young men attached to a mother`s skirt but also mature men suffer from an Oedipus complex. The large role in formation of this complex is played also by mothers. Generally it is the women who are bringing up sons alone. And therefore considering that children are obliged to them by life for such heroic feat. They demand from children of boundless love, fidelity, supersubmission. And madly are jealous, seeing that in their life of the man one fine day not they get attention and care of the only thing any more. The son`s marriage at the same time is regarded as universal accident, and the daughter-in-law becomes enemy No 1.

But not only single mothers are capable of similar sacrifice . Sometimes even in full-fledged families Oedipus`s complex is eager for regeneration. So, the dissatisfaction in the relations with the husband, forces the woman to reconsider the relation to the son - attempts " begin; to remake man`s self-love on own harmony. Such dependence steadily involves dependence of the boy, confusion in difficult situations, need for continued support from mother. Except other, these young people subconsciously look for in women psychological mother`s silhouette also can considerable part or even to devote all life to futile searches.

Similar sacrifices are equally badly reflected both in men, and in women. But worst of all - on your children. You remember it when you plan, you conceive, you bear, you bring up...