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Why hares do not fly? The New Year`s fairy tale - a joke. Part 3

Tonight there will come New year - the Hare thought in the morning. He stood and looked at how slowly there ascends the Sun on the clear frosty sky. He breathed fresh air and listened as crackle on a branch frost. He heard even how from an old oak the small hat of snow fell and with silent rustle was scattered, without having concerned a floor. The hare stretched, lifted up a muzzle so that in a neck something crackled. It stiffened in a ridiculous pose, observing over itself(himself) the RAINBOW There was a wish to make a step, to stretch a paw and to stroke such miracle! Why hares not - The hare did not finish thinking - his paws dangled in air, and it slowly approached the Rainbow. Is that so! - the Hare - " screamed; To Never - I do not believe - I do not believe! I DO NOT TRUST!!! - The hare rubbed eyes and even came around to himself armed on ears to be convinced of reality of the events. It was not the dream.

Well, reality, so reality. - the Hare thought. Here in what the real high - that! - he thought. It is possible to drive and invite fast in the Wood to the Fir-tree of the Bull from now - for East the Hillock! No sooner said than done, especially as it did not take away either forces or time.

The happy Hare thought only now, as most would be not superfluous to be prepared for a meeting of New year in a circle of friends. He was not afraid to be late any more therefore slowly touched the products reserved during the summer, choosing the most original by a holiday. After visit of the Magician, all to the Hare seemed some not to those. As suddenly he came across a big keg with the inscription " scratched on it; The Surprise for friends . IT IT! - the Hare resolved.

Already there was nearly midnight when the Hare literally rolled a keg on a glade near the Fir-tree. All gathered already, waited only for the Hare and the Bull from - for East the Hillock. The hare asked the Bear to help to open a keg, and the Magician - to remove test. But what it?!! - the Magician was surprised. Jam from pine cones to " tea; - modestly the Hare told. But did not manage to finish speaking: from East side of the Wood there was at first a head, and then and all Bull. Also fun began. Struck crackers, all cried from delight and clapped the hands, began each other to congratulate and say beautiful toasts. Then drank tea with jam that the Hare arrived, then long danced and laughed. The bull who came from - for East the Hillock, was struck with hospitality, good nature and a unification of inhabitants of the Wood so that decided to be late a little. Till next New year that to spend this year together with the Aunt Sova, the Magician, the Bear, the Cunning Fellow, the Hare and all - everything with whom managed to make friends today.

P. S. You will meet the Hare if catch up, do not torment with inquiries about him confidential jam! The recipe is reliably entered in Very Thick Book with leather cover. This book is stored at the Magician. Well, and to whom a lack of time to run through all wood there, I bring him in full.

Jam from pine cones. a jam Secret that pine cones need to be assembled by all means till June 20 . Preparation requires one kilogram of cones, two kilograms of granulated sugar and two liters of water. to put

of the Cone in a pan, to add granulated sugar and to fill in all this with water. To put a pan on fire and to cook to readiness about two hours. It is necessary to watch that cones during boiling did not boil soft. To spread out ready jam on banks and to roll up.

P. P. S. Our Cones are more tasty than some foreign Greens!

Happy New Year, friends!

I without offenses! It the fairy tale - a joke.

And helped me with its writing:

The fox is Laura Li

the Bear - Mikhail Gruzdev

the Aunt Sova - Liouba Melnik

the Cunning Fellow - Sergey V. Vorobyov

the Magician - Zhanna Maginya