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Why hares do not fly? The New Year`s fairy tale - a joke. Time drew in part 2

. The hare ran very quickly. Ears fluttered on the run, and the counter flow of air complicated breath. To run on the wood at big speeds, I will report on you, occupation not from simple. All the time it is necessary to run all over something, through something to jump, go down in loshchinka, to climb up prigorochka Why hares do not fly how birds?. - again the Hare thought. It is far simpler: chose the direction and fly on a straight line! On the contrary, it is necessary to move with paws.

In the evening already the Hare came running to the Cunning Fellow. Seeing how the Hare was out of breath, the Cunning Fellow got the slightly rumpled field thermos. In a thermos there was a strong coffee and for some reason with bright smack of almonds. Having a little cheered up, the Hare told behind what he resorted. For the morning was decided to gather on a glade about the Fir-tree and to make necessary measurements. On it also left. Already in dense twilight the Hare reached the dwelling. Tired, but happy he fell to fir twigs, having scattered ears, and strong fell asleep.

In the morning the Hare woke up freshened up. He looked out on the street and saw that there is very beautiful snow, strong, glass, with blue outflow. Morning was solar and slightly frosty. The hare ran on a glade to the Fir-tree where him already, has to be, the Cunning Fellow waited.

And was, the Hare was late a little. The cunning fellow brought with himself the mass of any devices. So much that the Hare and thirds of names did not remember. But the Cunning Fellow taught a hare to measure Fir-tree height by means of a barometer. In general everything becomes so: you get on a tree top, you take a rope and you tie a barometer to one its end. Then you lower a barometer on a rope until it does not concern the earth. You knit on the end of a rope that in a paw, a small knot, you go down and you measure rope length from a barometer to a small knot! Ingeniously! Why hares do not fly how birds?. - it was again thought to the Hare. In a word, the Cunning Fellow carried out some measurements, scratched on fresh snow of a formula, outlined a big equal circle around the Fir-tree. He told that by its calculations, inhabitants of the Wood have to be located all. Still he showed to a hare where there will be platforms for a fire, a table and dances, said goodbye and departed.

Breakfast time already irrevocably passed, and time of a lunch also did not think to begin. Here the Hare remembered about the Magician. Remembered and ran. The magician lived near the river, on a big glade under a rainbow. And, judging by snow utoptannost degree, it was esteemed by forest inhabitants. The hare literally became hollow to it in a hut. Became hollow and moaned from such quantity of unfamiliar and tasty smells. It appears, the Magician is engaged in kitchen magic, and these pleasant smells proceed from different overseas spices. These bring every year spices to the Magician migratory birds who fly in the Wood to spend holidays. Here what put - the Hare thought, - Earlier from here flew, now fly here. To see absolutely there with Greens a harm. What a difference our Cones! Every year all grow stronger, stiffen, so to speak! Here the Hare slightly rasperlo with pride of our native Cones, but he remembered about affairs in time.

Having listened to the Hare, the Magician opened Very Thick Bound book from skin. At once it was visible that the book this ancient and very rare if not unique in general. On pergament sheets, yellow from time, was very small and it is much scratched. The hare precisely saw that the book was written in many languages and stored probably many magic kitchen knowledge of different times and the unfamiliar people. So it also was.

Having rummaged around on the shelf where there was a huge congestion of ill-matched tuyesk, pepperboxes and puzyrechok, the Magician got several dried branches. Having approached fire, it waved one of them, and on a table the silver dish instantly appeared. The dish was filled with exotic food. The hare pulled nostrils. Banana paradise! - the Hare thought, having caught an unusual sweetish smell. This miracles! . Then the Hare and the Magician have a little a bite, having made at dinner the list of estimated festive delicacies. The hare thanked the Magician and went to the Aunt Sove.

The aunt Sova already imposed meanwhile the forest wall newspaper, and titmouses helped to bring her to a glade of free announcements and to hang up on a foreground, exactly between advertizing banners Shkolyzhizni. ru and Calend. ru . When the Hare rode, found the Aunt Sova behind drawing up invitation cards. Here the hare speed just was also useful: there is a lot of cards, and to manage to fill everything and it is necessary to deliver today. Till the evening the Hare and the Aunt Sova and when finished, again they called to the aid titmouses worked and those big pack in a trice carried invitations to all inhabitants of the Wood.

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