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Why hares do not fly? The New Year`s fairy tale - a joke. Part 1

Why hares do not fly how birds?. - almost with a roar the Hare exhaled and opened eyes. It will dream

About New year remained not enough time. The hare since the birth lived in the Wood, loved the Wood and loved New year. Also liked to meet favourite New year in the favourite Wood. Only once the Hare was forced to meet New year in others wood behind the Western Hillock, but this year he erased from memory at all. And that is there been nothing to be remembered - as in others wood behind the Western Hillock all spoke foreign language (on zapadnozabugorsky!) the Hare did not understand them therefore he remembered nothing.

Beloved Les Zaytsa animals from other woods about themselves called both dense, and dark, and impassable. Partly so it also was if to look from other wood. But the Hare - that precisely knew everything about the Wood and so did not consider. The hare and about one very Wild - the Wild wood which was very far behind the Western Hillock, even further, behind the High Water knew. Raccoons - poloskuna are considered as the main inhabitants of that wood, but they not radical, and came from the different woods and other animals there too. Hobby of raccoons - poloskun was to rinse Greens and to put it in the Holes. So also proceeded if without fanaticism. But raccoons - poloskuna were overzealous, and now they have problems with Holes and with Greens too. The Fox has no secrets! You can ask - it from our Wood, but lives in very Wild - the Wild wood long ago. She can authentically tell for two very old Lemon trees which had to be cut down recently. In as to Greens - that happens

But the Hare precisely knew that from Greens use has not enough. One familiar Bear in the native Wood learned to assemble Cones competently. At first it assembled one million Cones, then, having decided that so much it is all the same not necessary for it on zhist began to learn local wild beasts to the craft. Some time of the Cone was actively changed for Greens, but it quickly bothered, especially, if to consider that in the native Wood of Greens and so more than enough, paws trample down. In a word, green passion passed and all returned to the Cones again. What the Hare not really loved, so it is those Cones to get. All the time there was a difficulty with rise on pines. With descent was more simply and quicker Why hares do not fly how birds?. - again the Hare thought and started preparation of a meeting of New year.

For a start the Hare concentrated on preparation scheduling. Here it is unclear: why New year - ours, and the next guest by whose name new year will call, it is necessary to invite from others wood from - for East the Hillock?. So, the Hare started scheduling.

It is necessary to ask the Aunt Sova to help with release of the forest wall newspaper and registration of invitation cards in advance to warn all inhabitants of the Wood about the planned actions. The aunt Sova lived on one of the next lawns. She was very wise and very competent, is skillful to read and write. For it all respected her and put to direct one very authoritative forest newspaper on the birch bark carrier. The hare found the old fallen birch, tore bark for the wall newspaper and invitation cards. Tore much, it is more than ten thousand sheets. He learned such figure from results of the last population census of the Wood.

Having ridden to the Aunt Sove, the Hare found her in kind mood. She sat about a written stub and studied work of an excellent compass. The Hare presented a compass to it a year ago, knowing about its addiction to equipment. The hare sympathetically squinted eyes on the seven hundred-gram camera expecting in turn and thought that it is already time for Aunt Sove to switch to affairs more terrestrial. More forest, if more precisely.

Having removed technical novelties, the Aunt Sova gave to drink the Hare lime tea. She approved idea with the wall newspaper and cards, and also gave several very useful advice. The hint where to find the highest and most fluffy Fir-tree in the center of the Wood, on the most capacious round glade was the first council. The second - was to ask for the help the Cunning Fellow. The cunning fellow was grated, long lived about kolkhoz fields and perfectly understood geodesy. It - that also had to help the Hare to mark so the territory of a glade around the Fir-tree that all inhabitants of the Wood were located on it during a holiday. Still the Aunt Sova asked to run to her old girlfriend - the magician. Yes, she so all was also called, the Magician. The hare thanked the Aunt Sova and went to a way.

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