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What seven right ways to divorce?

the Statistics is sad - the number of stains grows. But at the same time still there are people who would wish to divorce, but do not know how to achieve the desirable. This article is a grant for intelligent people (not intelligent use a bit different methods), who by all means want to finish the marriage by divorce.

If there is no such desire - read article, but do everything on the contrary.

Way 1. Violation of a precept : the person of the father and the mother will leave, and it will be stuck to the wife; also they will become one " flesh; (Life. 2:24).

This way is equally available both to men, and women. If the person loves and esteems the parents - it, of course, is good. But it is not exciting to put the wife or the husband on the second (and even the fifth) the place after them at all. Nevertheless first of all there has to be the family - one " flesh;.

How many scandals and divorces are the result: My mother does better! or You would listen to my father! . Absolutely remarkable option, practically for 100% the guaranteeing divorce: My mother told that you to me not couple! (to repeat every day, adding that mother, of course, is right). It is possible to accompany with tears and reasonings that it was necessary to listen to mother, and what I am a silly woman that married you! ( what I am a fool that married you! ) .

Way 2. Career - first of all

This way suits women, than men more. The man - the getter by the nature. Therefore to demand from it that he forgot work, became attached tightly to a women`s skirt - ridiculously. But if the woman puts the career on the first place, and the family goes the second (or the twenty second) number, then divorce is provided to it. There are, of course, exceptions, but is rare.

The man wishes to be the first in the woman`s heart. Some cannot even concede superiority to own child, happens that the husband is jealous the wife of children. What to tell about career! And meanwhile, around there are a lot of lonely women who are ready to throw everything for the sake of marriage. And the woman, keen career, has every chance to miss the moment of cooling of the husband, that moment when he looks at another and will reflect: Here there is a good woman, and I am loved .

Way 3. Friends - first of all this method works with

At women more true. If the wife in life has a main thing - friends and girlfriends, then the husband will precisely feel the deprived attention and will begin to look for heat and caress in other place.

Unfortunately, this way men use more. However, not with so guaranteed divorce option, as women. But men should know what before divorce can not reach, and here charming ornament which will prevent to pass at a door - quite perhaps. The woman can look for heat and caress in other place too. She can forgive interest in work (and that not always), but the excessive hobby for friends will not please her at all.

Way 4. The head hurts me!

the migraine Attacks directly connected with intimate life happen both at women, and at men. However, men seldom refer to a headache. Usually they are exhausted at work are upset with some trouble with the friend simply not in mood . And only as a last resort there is a physical indisposition. If they at heart were not afraid that they will be counted incapable of sexual activity, then too they would refer to a headache.

Of course, it is possible to argue on Platonic love long. It is possible to give examples of ideal beloved who never the friend a finger touched the friend, and pressing to heart of the letter or a souvenir from a passion subject was the most intimate in their relations. That it is possible to argue-. Here only in real life it does not work.

There is such piece - physiological requirements. And how many reasonings that the love is not only sex, was, they will not help. Yes, the love is not only sex, is far not only. But they will become one " flesh; - that says it all. For lovers sex is a peculiar deification of love. Besides, sex is a reproduction. Of course, not every time occurs conception, and not every time intim is connected with it. But there is an instinct! And the person naturally aspires to the sexual relations. And if refuse to it? And - it is regular. Eventually the thought of what the partner simply does not love creeps in. And from this thought before examining of other potential partners - one step. And very small.

So if you want to get rid of the husband (wife), then put he (she) into a hungry bed diet. The result will not be slow to vosposledovat.

Way 5. Do not climb, this is my child! it is surprising by

, how often women use this argument. And it is far not only in cases of second marriage when the child really from other man. There are enough also those who declare similar to the physiological father of the child.

If you want to use such method, then it is necessary to choose the right time. Ideally - when the child made something not: was naughty, brought an unsatisfactory assessment from school, did not make what is told. Generally, when the child deserves punishment.

And here when the father will begin to understand a situation, and especially while he begins to abuse the child, it is necessary to rise between it and the adored child and to declare: Do not climb! It not your business! It is my child! . If the statement is followed by a hysterical sobbing or tears - it is absolutely good. If it is not stated, and vykriknuto, with privizgy and a swinging hands (attempt to push away) - it is just magnificent. It will be ideal following on the way to national court.

Men can use this technique too. However, in a little changed look. Is suitable for them more: Do not climb, you are not able to raise children! . Or: What do you understand in education? Go make a dinner better. You are not able to do anything! .

It very well works. Regular repetition of similar at the same time humiliates the woman and shows to the child that his mother - absolutely useless being to who it is possible not to pay attention. Mother - the combine for washing, cleaning and cooking. And no more than that.

After a while there will be problems between mother and the child, then these problems which are skillfully warmed up in time by the told word will lead to divorce.

Way 6. Household rudeness Best of all works with

in the veiled look. To declare in a forehead: You are a fool! ( You are a silly woman! ) - not so effectively. But to throw a negligent cursory glance and to ask: You though understand that you say? - and right there immediately to bury in the newspaper, the book, the television screen, without having listened to the answer - this works already much better. One more option: the wife (husband) needs to open a mouth, to kill her (his) thought the following phrase - Perhaps this time that clever you will tell Though hardly . Various variations of statements are possible, but all of them have to be brought together to one: your partner in marriage is not burdened with intelligence and constantly it shows. In other words, clever and sensible from it nobody waits for a long time.

For strengthening of influence you should not shout. On the contrary, everything has to express carelessly, with a bored face: - already - bothered Me - hundred - time - you - to repeat - but - so - and - to be - for - especially - stupid - I will tell - still - time - this has to be written on a face. The result is guaranteed.

Way 7. Do not disturb! This method works with

more slowly than the others, but it the most economic from the point of view of nervozatrat. It is enough to wave away from any addresses from the wife (husband), to stop all attempts to talk the phrase: Do not disturb me, I am busy! .

At first the partner in marriage will believe that really there are important issues, then to be perplexed - how many these affairs can last. Further the offense period will follow. And after it - search of other partner who is not so loaded by affairs.

The method is good what at its application can even be not noticed that the husband (wife) already packs things for moving to other partner.