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What is change?

What is change??? I asked this question here Interestingly why??? And why I do not accept definition at the level of a plinth??? Plinth level he / she overslept with another it is change. But it is possible to have sex with other person for various reasons: for example for a satisfying desires of " flesh; on the drunk head and just in search of new feelings, perhaps, you cannot just give something to the half of the second in the intimate sphere life, here he (she) also takes it from outside, same does not prevent him / her to continue to love you. But the majority of it does not understand, and blames in campaigns on the party only the partner, and can you are guilty of something??? Maybe you accused he (she) without thoroughly, did not support, did not want to listen, here your second half also left on the party in search of the one who will understand him / her, and sex in this case will be only a payment form.

A if your partner having with you sex thinks of another (friend) it is considered change or not??? In this case with you he (she) is as a physical body, and soul and thoughts somewhere is far and if you at this moment (on completion of sexual intercourse) want to talk on sincere subjects, then for certain you will meet discontent of the partner, it will not be pleasant to it that you interfere with serious talk in his (her) world of imaginations. As a result you will take offense, and will go to seek consolations elsewhere. In result (most likely, but it is not the fact) you will enter intimate proximity with other person, and it is already considered change (at the level of a plinth).

A, in general, how it is possible to change??? Your orchestra seats are not your thing which you in the right to order. He (she) is a person too, and the person - that who is free. Therefore, if I am free then and to change me except myself there is nobody!!! And why then to constrain the desires??? Simple example: You (you have a small condition the guy / girl, but you on holiday) met the beautiful guy / girl (to whom who is pleasant more), he / she madly is pleasant to you (and externally and internally) really you do not want to prolong the relations, to get so to speak a resort romanchik? If - yes you change (on logic of the person underdeveloped in the spiritual sphere) to the guy / girl and if do not want a holiday romance, change yourself. And what it is better in this case??? To lie to itself (therefore to change) or to change the soulmate?

Change (sex with other person, in this case) - the reason of disintegration of many couples which lived surrounded with happiness and love before. And this disintegration makes the life of them miserable, many lose confidence to themselves, so cannot any more will adapt to our constantly changing life and if them nobody supports that they will appear on the bottom of our society, having joined already enormous ranks of bums and drunks.

Is possible, it is time to change our relation to love . Why to hold a cell of society if you got each other if you are not happy how children the enjoying lives can grow up if they are constantly surrounded with scandals? Most likely, when they will grow up, will want to disappear from it, I will begin to play about drugs, will begin to drink And it will cause the next storm of your indignation. Also it will be guilty (from your point of view) the child, you will just refuse to accept that it you somewhere could make the HUGE mistake. In my opinion, the love is happiness and if it brings sufferings, then it is not love. One of the most important components of happiness is freedom (first of all spiritual)

Can loving will give each other more happiness, but not to suspect the soulmate. Two loving hearts remain free, so that the love did not abandon you, it is necessary to continue to be improved And, above all not to consider your darling of yours property, then the problem of change will disappear by itself, change is illusion of owners. If you trust the partner, and he will trust in turn you, then you will be happy and if, after all, you have to leave, then you will remain friends.