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How to use the Tax Free system, or someone else`s money is not necessary to us, but also the - we will not give!

Skilled travelers are well informed on checks of Tax Free. A fine opportunity to save: having shown correctly issued forms at customs, we receive return of the local VAT. And it is 10 - 20% of the cost of purchases, quite decent sum. But, as well as in any business, there are dirty tricks and subtleties which ignorance can deprive of you such pleasant opportunity.

So, the first: what countries are a part of the system Tax Free Refund? Today it is 36 countries, including practically all European. Hundreds of thousands of various shops on which doors you will see a desired blue emblem. Having made a purchase in such shop, ask the seller to issue on it the check of Tax Free. Perhaps, your passport will be required - the seller will rewrite your data in the form. It is possible also that he will not make it, but it it does not matter - you can quite cope with it, the main thing - to make it before passing of customs inspection on the way back. It is excessive to remind that to the Tax Free form the cash voucher has to be surely pinned.

Having issued the check, the seller will pack your purchase, having pasted over it with paper labels with the same number that costs on the form of the check. Ideally your purchase has to be in such look to customs, perhaps, it should be shown upon the demand of the official. Anyway, you should not cut off labels from the bought thing, to use it. At loss of a trade dress the corresponding check can be not accepted to compensation.

But, let us assume, you fulfilled all requirements how many money will return to you? It is worth remembering what in the different countries of the VAT is estimated differently. Besides, will return it not completely, and minus some percent. There is one more important cunning: return is carried out not from the nominal sum of your purchase, and with some at a slow pace . For example, from the sum of 100 - 199 euros - 15 euros, from 200 - 300 euros - 30 euros etc. But it can be bypassed. Making several purchases in one shop, appeal to administration to issue them all on one check. Usually shops easily go on it, your purchases are packed into big packages, pasted over with new labels from new, larger on the sum, the check. Perhaps, you even receive certain bonuses as the good client. Personally to me, it is remembered, gave a small group special marochek which in the next window changed for full-fledged local money. As a result to a new jacket new gloves - the same firm and in the same style were right there bought in addition. Anyway, be not afraid to ask sellers questions, it is their work to make so that you were happy. The happy client buys more.

Of course, not for all bought goods will return you money. Products, tobacco, services, books - these purchases will warm your soul, but not a purse in any way.

But here all money is spent, all sights are watched, you come back home. When and where it is necessary to show the collected pile of checks? Important point: before passing of customs control. Look round around: or you will see a special rack of Tax Free, or show checks at submission of documents to the customs officer, he will note them or will prompt to you where to address. Direct point of an exchange is located in the zone Dute Free, but not noted checks are not valid! You will not be able back to return since formally the border is already passed by you.

But you - that, we hope, all made correctly. Then safely go to an exchange window, receive your money and spend them in duty free shops - to mutual your pleasure and the host country. If for any reason you could not exchange checks, especially be not upset. It can be made also on return home, having addressed to one of authorized banks. However, the bank will take for the services a certain percent, but on that it and bank. Only you should not delay especially this business - checks have an expiration date: of a month to three, depending on the country of delivery.

If our councils seemed to you too difficult - or, on the contrary, insufficiently detailed - you should not despair. Stock up with Tax Free instruction. Booklets with information are usually easily available on customs posts, in hotels and even in some shops. Perhaps, it is worth asking this question the tour operator. Anyway remember the main thing: on a foreign trip for you there is an opportunity to save not bad why not to use it?