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What head from Dmitry Donskoy?

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we in student`s times to the guitar Sang this most Fight in the field Kulikovom . Sang with hooligan vzvizga, with the Gipsy whistle, footfall Imagined how the Russian cavalry leaves on fight, and ahead - Dmitry Donskoy, on a white horse, in the sparkling gilded armor, with a sword bare, and behind the back is developed a huge, heavy black banner We to ridiculous were proud of both Dmitry Donskoy, and the Russian troops, and a victory in the Battle of Kulikovo.

Dmitry Donskoy is the head - a legend, the grand duke who managed to overcome the Golden Horde. Remembering that in the field Kulikov crushed troops of the Golden Horde, forget that in two years after this great victory Moscow was started up by ashes and a smoke the khan Tokhtamysh - that is, was not pure victories over the Horde.

But Dmitry Donskoy won against the Horde. Let not in a forehead, not everything ended with the Battle of Kulikovo. But the grand duke achieved result.

As the director Dmitry Donskoy would be that head who is ideal during an exit of the enterprise from crisis. Especially, if crisis is connected with the fact that in the market there are competitors, from - for whom the enterprise loses profit. As a matter of fact, all fight of Dmitry Donskoy against the Golden Horde is a classical section of spheres of influence between the competing companies.

Dmitry Donskoy is the head of the enterprise who in the work is guided by the slogan In total for the front, all for a victory . It did not even differ in education for this reason: considered that the main thing for the prince in so times of troubles under the Horde heel - knowledge of military science.

And at the same time, itself without paying attention to sciences, Dmitry insisted that his environment these most rejected studied sciences. And if knyazhichy (Dmitry`s sons) brought up as future princes - soldiers, then seigniorial children were obliged to study what we call literature, mathematics, foreign languages now. That is Dmitry brought up heads and in parallel - a top - managers. Its system of board was quite modern: CEO and board of directors. And, CEO - organizer, but not the narrow expert.

The question is interesting - why the victory in the field Kulikovom became possible? How Moscow achieved such ratio of forces what the huge army of the Golden Horde under supervision of Mamaya was crushed and disseminated almost without trace?

And all focus in creation fund of development of production . Dmitry Donskoy, this not too educated the prince, guessed before what some heads of the modern enterprises reach, having filled himself a set of cones: competitive fight costs money . And the method of receiving means by Dmitry deserves fixed studying by any businessman.

It is necessary to notice that there began carrying out in life of this idea still Ivan Kalita - Dmitry`s grandfather. But the grandson improved a technique and won with its help.

Dmitry achieved from ordynets of permission to collecting a tribute from Russia - naturally, for transfer to treasury of the Horde. But along with it the prince could achieve and decrease tax . However, from it it did not become easier than Russia - at least first. The tribute gathered all in the same volume, the put part went to the Horde, and surplus remained at the disposal of the prince Moscow.

Dmitry did not use these easy money for personally. They made a basis fund of development of production that is bribes went for purchase of the weapon, training of troops, and also on .

For example, army the Lithuanian, come to the help Mamayu, did not reach the destination. Let`s put, to the place of battle they were not in time. But Russia - that lay opened - take barehanded. All troops left towards to the Horde troops. However Lithuanians left Russia alone. Thanks to a bribe.

However, the bribe was the huge sizes. Dmitry was able to do offers which it is impossible to refuse. To the Lithuanian army the wagon train with gold, jewelry, rare wines and other wonders was delivered. Enormous wealth. And, instead of plundering and ruining the Russian cities, the Lithuanian army fought among themselves, trying to divide the bribe which fell from the moon. It is curious that so far they were engaged in sharing, the most part of a wagon train disappeared in the unknown direction. It seems that back, in the Moscow treasury.

But money - there is more to come that is required for a victory in competitive fight. Dmitry could unite Russia near at hand of Moscow. It is interesting that he used for this association not only power methods. The prince managed to crush under himself church. By the way, quite peacefully.

And so far princes scratched napes, reflecting - whether it is worth uniting with Moscow, or let Muscovites battle for themselves, and in general, perhaps, the Horde will butter oil on bread more densely, in all churches priests already preached the Moscow domination, argued on fight against the Horde for independence of Russian lands. And when napes were already dochesana even to bald spots, it became clear that the population of the principality is already ready to association, and - under domination of Moscow.

Dmitry`s promotion was on the ball. All Slavs are brothers " for ever; Russia has to be independent! The Tribute to the Horde - a heavy burden, our shame - and other, very seductive slogans turned thoughts of people in the direction necessary to Dmitry.

Whether there will be much modern heads who so masterly will be able to give to employees motivation? Pay attention: Dmitry did not miss anything, he used all arsenal of the head of business, beginning from financial encouragement and finishing washing of brains . At the same time the prince managed to secure not only loyalty own employees but also to postpone from competitors (Hordes) partners having brought up them to itself, having made the partners.

All this also bore fruits in the form of a victory on Kulikovo field.

Here only one Dmitry did not consider - reserve fund . On a case a swagger - major circumstances. Tokhtamysh`s army also was that a swagger - a major. At the Horde the reserve fund appeared available, and Moscow spent everything that it had. In other words, Dmitry lacked people to expose army against Tokhtamysh. Too many soldiers fell in the Battle of Kulikovo. As a result also payment of a tribute to the Horde was resumed.

However, Dmitry nevertheless managed to enclose a mine of the quite good sizes under the Horde: in Spiritual it gave great reigning to the son Vasily, without being troubled by permission of the Horde, without receiving the corresponding label from the khan.

It would seem - a trifle. But this trifle it is comparable on value with the Kulikovsky victory. Dmitry transferred the ancestral lands , not Horde! What accurately specified both alignment of forces, and the place of the Golden Horde in Russia by. And there were also other grand dukes, and they, naturally, had sons And princes would like to delegate to the children the power without any additional sanctions, without humiliating permissions or bans too from somebody including the Horde khan. And for the dynasty any person will battle against far bigger hunting, than for the pocket. What appeals to a purse cannot make easily try to obtain, showing threat to descendants.

In conclusion it would be desirable to advise heads of the enterprises not to put at the head of the branches Dmitriyev of Donskoy. Because as a result the branch will separate, will become the independent organization which will not just compete in the market, and will reach a dominant position in this market, having ruined the initial enterprise. Such businessmen as Dmitry Donskoy are very successful. Very well they are able not only to set before themselves the purpose, but also to go to it, to try to obtain execution of the desires.