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In what charm of the tram? The science of it does not know...

Burst as a copper barrel,

of the Sky the flaring edge.

Rushed To star hoarfrost of night

the scarlet tram!

(Roald Mandelstam, Scarlet " tram;)

the tram the tenth room,

On the platform Went someone died.

Over them a wire with tension,

It gives

(The ancient city song) to the car current,

the Tram on the city to a movement

On the North, the West and the East.

(A. Kryuchkov, deputy CEO SUE Moscow regional electrotrance )

Recently to me the new knowledge opened. It appears, trams - the phenomenon not simply electrotransport, but still they an essence a source of romantic inspiration and nostalgic thoughts. You ask - as to me it opened? The matter is that I like to indulge readers of the blog with pictures of different authors. And having gathered various pictures, I put the question to the vote: what was pleasant more.

I here turned out that if at a picture there is a tram - she with guarantee comes out on top! And comments, as a rule, very inspired.

Why it occurs that it in the tram, whether the direct current stimulates Qi`s energy like Sharko`s shower whether that another - scientists still should understand. But the tram really inspires both poets, and artists (pictures are applied - unfortunately, only 5 illustrations are possible, it is not enough, it would be possible much more, it is much more...)

and bards:

" Tram; Leonida Sergeyeva

Old " tram; Sergey Matveenko

At a tram stop Evgenia Klyachkina

Tram No. 39 To Bogushevskaya (execution with Ivasyami)

of the Retro - a song in Yiddish - russko - Ukrainian about the Kiev

tram the Pre-war waltz

In certain places where people did not fall into a torpid dazed state from three-hour traffic jams yet, and are expressed it is juicy and is bright, there is always a work to portrayers of ordinary life of city life and folklore. Especially why - that is what to write down in trams where flashing discussions break out. In buses and minibuses the public behaves absolutely differently, more silently, reads " more and more; accounting course or speaks in a mobile phone.

- The citizen, you leave now?

- Yes, I leave.

- And ahead of you?

- Too leave.

- And you asked them?

- Yes, asked.

- And what they told?

- you Know that? Go you already.....

- What, directly and was told?

The huge man from breed of bindyuzhnik stands in the aisle. Behind shy ask:

- the Man, you leave now?

- Yes.

- And ahead of you?

- All leave! Just they still do not know about it.

Two girlfriends - inhabitants of Odessa got into the tram - one from the forward platform, another - with back. Therefore talk through all car:

- the Rose, at you is what to sit down on?

- Of course!

- And what you cost? there is no

- So places!

Two brightly dressed maidens go to a disco and on all car discuss some shampoo.

- I washed the head yesterday, - one shouts. - So now all hair extensively stick out!

- And I look - at you hair stick out! I think why they stick out?

- So I washed the head yesterday, here they also stick out! - and here one incidentally stumbles about someone`s extended legs.

- Well? - she shouts. - What you hoofs exposed?

- Sorry, please! Just I washed legs yesterday - they and stick out...

- Why the tram does not go on a sinusoid?

- Because in a tram wire current - constant!

And so what we began with - that? From a tram riddle. What in it such lyrical, nostalgic and romantic? Why he acts so ozhivlyayushche and prosvetlyayushche? I Hurry to please

: it is not solved. Bye. Therefore everyone can research. But only without postponing - in many cities for some reason decided to get rid of trams. To them, you see from the tram it is noisy, to them by tram slowly.

I what, there already began to go quietly and quickly?!