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When the Wood goblin appears suddenly day?!

on October 17 - the Wood goblin day. The evil spirit expelled in September from the village fails till spring to the earth and at the same time does dirty tricks to people. In the wood in the Wood goblin day tried not to appear. Spoke to enemies: You Went to the wood goblin! or The wood goblin would Crush you! .

It was possible to recognize evil spirits at night by the shining green eyes. The wood goblin could be small and hide under a leaf, and could be and higher than the wood . Who needs to go the wood, tried to bypass tracks, accurately went, being afraid to come in a trace of the wood goblin - there was a belief that it is possible to ache. The wood goblin was especially dangerous to girls.

People knew how, except a cross and a prayer to be saved from a demon: to turn clothes inside out and to change boots from one leg for another. At the wood goblin everything is turned therefore he and does not recognize the person in such look, will take for the and will release. To let it know the main thing that it was seen and to tell: Sheep wool! Sheep muzzle! Went, found, lost!

By the morning, with sunrise, the evil spirit under the earth fails, grabbing trees, from - for what those crack. If the person gets at this time - will drag off him in the kingdom that one was not boring in the winter.

In the Wood goblin day in Russia prayed for preservation from evil spells, were afraid, the evil spirits to weddings would not do much harm. In Russia considered that the wood goblin is a damned non-Christian dead man, the hostage of evil spirit. It was acquired fir-tree bark or overgrown with wool. Also it could present in the form the old man with a gray-haired beard dressed by the peasant that is in a caftan, a loose overall, bast shoes or boots. When it sits down, always showers the left leg on right. Does not wear a belt because carry its baptized.

In Belarus considered that the wood goblin has a long person with a wedge-shaped small beard, one eye and a leg a heel forward, and in hands a bludgeon or a whip. Sometimes the wood goblin in the form of the acquaintance or the relative was shown. Also it could turn into an animal, a bird, a mushroom, a tree. Emergence of dirty was preceded by wind or sharp noise.

Believed that when you go the wood, it is necessary to remember the first word told passersby. A voice of the wood goblin - an echo therefore without need you should not shout or imitate, having heard an unfamiliar voice, it is impossible to whistle. The wood goblin can punish a svistun: to come to the village and to beat glasses in the house.

Fire, salt, a knife, a poker, a lime or aspen stick and the magic circle outlined by it were charms from wood goblins. There was a bylichka :

there lived a woman with the mother-in-law. Their cow was grazed in the yard, somehow jumped out and ran, the woman started catching up, but could not and shouted: Incur you the wood goblin! The Cow ran away into the wood and she could not be found anywhere. In the neighboring village there lived a sorcerer who called the wood goblin. She caused it, and then told the woman: On the road when you go, you will see two soldiers - it the evil spirit turns into the person. You will ask them whether they met your cow . The woman went by the wood, strong noise as though all wood speaks is unexpectedly made. Having come running the next day to the sorcerer, the woman told that she escaped and did not find a cow. The old woman asks it: Why did not ask soldiers? Was frightened, they saw and began to laugh . Then the grandma called the wood goblin in an image of the brother of the mother-in-law of the woman and ordered to ask her where a cow. It found it lying behind some bush and as soon as found, was gone. So the old woman ordered the wood goblin.

the Clothes at the wood goblin can be only four flowers: black, green, red and white. It has no eyelashes and eyebrows, eyes darkly - blue or white and are never closed, or the right eye motionless more than left. It combs hair on the left, on the top - a red bald patch, standing and hands curve nails, it has no right ear and it does not cast a shadow. The wood goblin has blue blood and therefore he is cyanotic.

At a meeting with the wood goblin to have a quarrel - the most effective remedy against evil spirits.