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How to fight against a glamour or What speed at the Chinese creeping through border?

the Roman Empire were ruined by luxury. Legionaries wallowed in gold and debauchery. Nobody wanted to battle and the empire failed under the pressure of illiterate, but awfully hungry barbarians.

Russia will be ruined by a glamour. Well for it will not be at war if it is necessary, the pomaded boys from night clubs. And razmakiyazhenny girls will hardly get down from high heels and will go in the nurse to pull out wounded from a battlefield. And the mighty of this world will not want to head guerrilla groups and to derail enemy echelons. No, if where - nibud near London then of course still it is possible. But to protect Voronezh or Bryansk? Sorry, dismiss.

To be at war - it is not glamourous. Blood, dirt, snivels The taught last decades to saw the budgetary pie hardly will agree with a linking of grenades to lay down under the enemy tank. Poisoned with soap operas will not rush on an embrasure, without knowing what the 225th series will end. Got used will not open companies under a soundtrack to shout For the Homeland rising in attack. Able to own masterly striped sticks, thrown in the deep enemy back for the purpose of blasting though something, will also demand a bribe from the columns passing by with ammunition there. Participants Houses - 2 will be able to survive only in deep to captivity, and and behind a barbed wire will demand continuation of shootings. And Verka Serdyuchka will begin to serve in a brothel in temporarily occupied territory of the Chinese officers. It is sacred, sacred, sacred.

You represent, millions of Chinese quietly creep over our border, and all country discusses for how many Galkin marries Pugacheva. And all because millions of creeping Chinese - it is not glamourous. As Konstantin Ernst - not a format would tell.

Therefore we will not show them on the TV. Let so far creep. You do not know with what speed the creeping Chinese moves? And what is the time it will be required to it to reach Moscow? And what is done at the time of a napolzaniye on our great homeland by valorous frontier guards? Manicure with a pedicure or all - clean the weapon and look in the eyepieces. Perhaps, the glamourous infection did not reach our boundaries yet? Bird flu - and that flies more slowly.

However, the financial crisis going on us from the West is capable to stop a muddy stream of a glamour. Just at all money will come to an end soon and it will be necessary to think of an ordinary survival. Here will have no time for night parties, fashionable magazines and sexual revolution.

All will go to fields to plant potato. Millions of Chinese creeping through border will turn back, having understood that yet not time. Defense of our country will get stronger. Malchikovye is a priest - groups will go to study the Kalashnikov device. Girls instead of Kosmopolitena will begin to read " magazines; Health and Peasant . Officials from foreign cars will change on a tractor and will begin to plow at last.

Also there will be to all of us happiness.