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There would be no happiness and the misfortune helped? The destiny of the young man

This history is quite real, and her hero is still young, but that is called committed follies . Began as often happens, in the childhood. How many such problems are from there? And at all in own way, differently: each person is unique, everyone passes the way... Those who saw the star and understood early, but such as I think, nevertheless minority are happy.

But! In life there is always a place to a feat. The hackneyed phrase, and to someone will seem that in it there is a shred of affected pathos. We say to a thicket so about great which had dramatic peripetias. We celebrate them and we respect. But I will risk to notice: the human destiny if to look narrowly, is always interesting, inimitable even if the name of the person on which the destiny slides a wheel is not written down on history tables.

So... There lived a fellow in Moscow area. It had mother, the father, the elder brother. The elder brother, as I think, for many - a godsend. Sometimes, however, the crunch of the developed syurprizny packings in this gift leads to contemplation... baby`s dummies (as usual, for example, in some new Russian ceremonies wedding).

But to our hero first there is nothing was to complain. The folder was - carried the large cone in administration. The mother grumbled, rumpled to the fellow hair, bringing into indescribable delight from playful, but real-life caress. The brother had the power and trained as it is necessary to communicate with peers.

But then everything changed. The father lost the nourishing place, mother got sick and died, the brother went to army and when returned, began to live own, independent life. There was nobody teenager to rumple hair, there is nobody to edify, there is nobody sometimes even food to bring: batyanya washed down bitter. But only also this boy had it, and therefore, going to army, he told the father: Wait .

Also there passed two years, and he returned to a native home, and saw strongly fallen parent who on pleasures from a meeting with a synka hit in multi-day hard drinking. The young man reflected meanwhile: what`s next? Where to go what to study to, where to work? And he could not choose in any way. And here still blazed...

Any, and company batyanya was in rags drunk and with a knife face wound once. The sonny to it washed out a wound, put bed, all night long watched at a bed that that did not start and did not break a bandage. And the next day told: Fathers, show who made it .

Remembering that he is a defender (To the fatherland only served full two years!) and the father one only also remained to him the native person, the fellow with the father and when that pointed a finger to it at someone went, without deliberating, attacked on the offender. Papanya, having seen such deal, helped to the son. Well, fought and left back home.

... In the morning, did not manage to wake up, call: militia on a threshold, the statement arrived about group beating of the citizen, use at the same time of a specific - bludgeons (for aggravation of circumstances, no bludgeon was trace and, one fists). The boy was rolled up in a lock-up and prisovetoval: if it is a pity for the father, undertake everything, and do not deny a bludgeon (he to a sponachal, the fool, all plain truth about the fact that a knife on the father walked...) - then supposedly the minimum term poluchishi.

Listened to recommendations, one assumed all, damned recognized a bludgeon... sealed three years. About a knife on all cheek also did not remember. You think, got off light? And present yourself three full years behind bars... But here the most surprising just also begins. The reason looks for the answer, the soul hurts: as farther to be whether the folder will wait, and whether for a century it is a criminal.

From prison yes from a bag, - say in our people, - do not promise. Try to wonder: suddenly yes appeared in improbable such circumstances - where would move behind the decision? And this lad addressed... to books. Began to look for in prison library that about soul yes about science. So learned about psychology. Re-read everything that was, and understood: it is not enough. Then registered in a meeting with the social worker, and declared that wants to study!

I do not know whether that person a finger at a temple when the young man declared to it that he is ready to take examinations on psikhfak in extramural studies twisted whether, beat the breast and insisted that even being a convict, remains the citizen of Russia, i.e. has the right for training... Achieved nothing. The caseworker told: You Sit - sit, tell thank you that not in a colony. You will leave, you will decide for now...

And he left and sat down for textbooks. When graduated from school, the Unified state examination was not trace yet and. Came to the father, told that he will not throw, and will help. How it will develop farther? Let`s look. It will be difficult to it even with the diploma of the psychologist... A tag about condemnation - for the rest of life...

Differently people come to this profession. Most often, for the solution of own problems. Others there also remain, and each client becomes for them the ground of recognition of own sores and firing at them. Then professional destruction is inevitable in the sense that such expert will adjust all passers on the way and without a moment`s hesitation, to distribute councils, recommendations and recipes, attempting upon internal freedom of the individual and becoming in the corresponding pose predominating. However, so happens also to other specialties: doctors, teachers, priests - those who are the closest to intimate in the person.

But I believe in this guy. Also I wish it heartily a light way to which it came in such difficult way. Wish also you to it good luck!