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What day you will cheerfully carry out - you will find the friend of darling ?

on October 14 - special day - the Intercession of the Theotokos.

The cover (veil) was considered in Russia as a sacred attire which connected people in a new family.

This day girls asked the Mother of God about the kind groom and family happiness: Mother - the Cover, cover the earth with a snowball, and me zhenishky!

Prepared for a holiday since Pokrovsk Saturday - cooked food and intoxicated drink, warmed the dwelling with words: The Cover, heat a hut without firewood! If not to arrange a log hut to the Cover, it will remain such for the whole year. Baths heated and made a ceremony washings off maiden gulb secretly added sweat to the groom`s cup for a love spell.

Weddings began with the Cover, and the senior generation watched signs: if snow covered the earth - there will be many weddings to Filippov of a Shrovetide, that is on November 28. Considered that the first snow drives away evil spirits, and not only from - for signs is time upon termination of rural works - quiet and the best for weddings.

Girls carried out the Cover in the circle: You will cheerfully carry out the Cover - you will find the friend of darling! Invited in the company of the guy and on his behavior guessed about destiny. And men tried to finish commercial transactions, it is much necessary to receive money - on a wedding and gifts!

In the middle of October there come the first frosts - the sleet and leaves covered the earth. Spoke in the people: October covers the earth where with a leaf where a snowball On the Cover till a lunch fall, and after a lunch winter . The Cover conducts the history from a Slavic holiday of a meeting of Fall with a Winter of which the end of field works, the beginning of winter affairs was also the share.

When Christian customs came to Russia, on this soil the Cover holiday organically laid down. He is marked out in Russia since the 12th century in honor of the Virgin`s phenomenon to Saint Andrey Konstantinopolsky in 910. There was it in the Vlakhernsky temple where since the 5th century the protection of the Holy Virgin delivered from Palestine was stored. During a night service, among many people, there was to blessed Andrey and blessed Epiphanius a vision: there was by air Blessed Virgin surrounded with angels and Saints with her John the Baptist and John the Evangelist. With tears the Virgin prayed, and having approached a throne, removed from the head a cover - an omophorion and stretched over praying, protecting them. The Mother of God left, the cover disappeared, but there was a grace in the temple.