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How it is correct to dismiss rumors?

If to you, dear readers, apparently, that rumors - concept purely everyday that no science is engaged in rumors, I will dare to convince you of the return. As the sociology is engaged in rumors in the phenomenon.

Studying of this phenomenon costs in the same row with research of panic, crowd, grass-roots movements. Where the people, people, society, society, crowd, masses - there and not to do without rumors. What needs to be known for competent, skillful blooming (distribution) of hearing?

1. There is an opinion that hearing - surely lie, neither truthful, nor exact information - misinformation. It`s not true. Information can be any: truthful, false, exact and not exact, full and incomplete. For example, shortly before a default rumors about this default went on August 17, 1998. The government from TV screens assured us, Russians, in the return and in every possible way calmed. As a result, those who believed rumors and tried to secure themselves won, the money, and the one who calmed down lost, watching TV.

2. For successful blooming of rumors the respective soil is necessary. In other words, information called by hearing, people have to wait, want, wish subconsciously.

3. For successful distribution of hearing the corresponding audience - ready, capable to understand and accept hearing is necessary. For example, if at nursing home to try to set a rumor afloat that Britney Spears is pregnant again - the effect will be zero. Or if in Russia the hearing that in Argentina revolution, yes is about to happen here spreads and the hearing any will not turn out.

4. The distributor of hearing always has to remain incognito (unknown), otherwise it is not hearing any more. Compare: Ivanov from Taranovka told that gasoline on sale will not be tomorrow! and Oh, Masha, I heard today that tomorrow gasoline on sale will not be! And who told it to you? Well I do not know, Petrovich reported, he too from someone uslykhat!

5. The speed of distribution of hearing, the better is higher. It (hearing) has to reach audience ears at a well-chosen moment though sometimes it is necessary to hold it for the time being.

6. The hearing, as well as any other information, has to be clear to audience, that is it needs to be presented in language which the audience speaks. Word " language; I use not in sense native or foreign and in " value; suitable to a situation, sex, age, social status . Let`s say if the economist - the analyst at language of digits and the rough facts sets among residents of the village a rumor afloat about a sale ban in their village of milk or about an illness of their cattle, then the population can understand nothing, and the hearing will die, without having managed to be born.

And so, skillful blooming of hearing causes a big resonance in masses, and here it is important that fluctuation of minds, did not lead feelings and moods to panic.