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How the superspy returned?

As you think who is the best-known intelligence agent (spy)? Likely, as applicants for this role it would be possible to call Richard Sorge, Rudolf Abele, Kim Filbi, Vladimir Putin and even Stierlitz from “ Seventeen moments of spring “. However personally it is represented to me that the correct answer other: the agent 007 of the Secret service of Her Majesty - James Bond was and remains the most popular spy of all times and the people.

In the Soviet Union this literary character was a symbol of aggressive imperialism and an antisovietism. Certainly, novels about James Bond in the USSR were not printed that only stirred interest in a figure of the superspy. Partially this interest was satisfied with viewing of movies about Bond which one way or another got on private shows and to private videoshops. And then it was possible to derive pleasure from game of the Irish actor Sean Connery in a leading role in the pictures “ From Russia with love “ (1963), “ You live only twice “ (1967), “ Never “never“ speak “ (1985).

In 2008 - the m was to year hundred years old since the birth of the agent 007 creator - great Ian Fleming. Fleming in 1964 died what he followed from that James Bond, it seems, already made all the feats. But the literary reality appeared another.

By century since the birth of Ian Fleming the new novel about James Bond`s adventures, the British agent Nol - Nol - Seven with the license for murder was written and published. The name of the novel quite in the spirit of Fleming: “ Devil May Care “ (in the Russian-language " edition; The Devil does not like to wait “) . And the narration is led by the same deliberately primitive language of fictions which was characteristic of Fleming`s compositions of the middle of the last century.

The English novelist Sebastian Faulks (Sebastian Faulks) famous according to the book " decided on James Bond`s reanimation; Bird`s twitter “ (Bird - song, 1993), sold with a general copies of 3 million copies, and to the novel “ Human traces “ (Human Traces, 2005).

Descriptions of refined restaurant dishes and beautiful women of the agent 007 at Sebastian Faulks do not concede at all or maybe surpass flemingovsky. But another is important: Russians remain still main opponents of the British superspy. And if earlier it were SMERSh and KGB, then now - terrorists and those Russians who it is free or are involuntarily involved in devil games. And what here strange?! For explanations it is enough to remember Alexander Litvinenko`s murder by means of radioactive polonium - 210 in the center of London. And KGB did not get to anywhere, and just began to be called otherwise.

Why Bond returned? Why and on the screen he lives in books half-centuries? In what the secret of durability of this literary character is concluded?

Of course, the great value was related Fleming to the hero. At John Le Kare in his magnificent novel “ The Spy who came from cold “ the thought that espionage is a dirty game is distinctly looked through. Absolutely in a different way at Ian Fleming: his faultless superspy personifies fight of good against the evil and justice with defect.

However the fact that the British spy returned right now - can hardly be explained only round date since the birth of his creator. Significantly and the fact that on the horizon cold war loomed, and the world order is subjected to tests again though threat now not communistic. It is not surprising that in such conditions it is pleasant to mass reader to understand: the successful secret agent who, without reflecting, risks life because the debt, fidelity to Christian ideals and interests of the western civilization so orders exists.

It returned because talented spies never become former.