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What to carry out the expiring year by? Cold appetizers!

Come New year - a favourite and long-awaited holiday. All are captured by special mood in which both memoirs, and expectation of pleasure, and easy grief. In a word, New year - on that and New that also to remember the past, and to be glad to the present, and with hope for the best to glance in the future.

Such is a charm of a New Year`s holiday that thoughts of it occupy the person long before arrival of New year. The feeling of its expectation is familiar to everyone. Perhaps, therefore many prepare for it especially carefully and think over all details of a celebration of a holiday including dishes of a holiday table.

It is expedient to offer guests one main hot dish, having added it with various snack, salads, sauces and, at last, sweet.

Any feast begins with cold appetizers. Here the imagination will allow to diversify a table on taste of everyone. Ham or sausage sandwiches can be smeared with the butter mixed with mustard. From cheese of different grades it is possible to make the sandwiches decorated with fish, fish caviar, marinated mushrooms. Tasty dishes turn out from sheep cheese and cheese. They are cut on small pieces and decorated with marinated berries of grapes, circles of onions, a cucumber, tomato, sausage.

Insignificant details - and the table will become solemn. The right, is easy to decorate with a bright tape a bread box, a saltcellar, devices, near each plate to put apple with the fir-tree branch thrust in it or a candle.

Perhaps, you want to add to those dishes which are known to you any of offered by me. For a start it is possible to prepare festive snack from 150 g of Dutch cheese which needs to be grated and mixed with the eggs which are small cut by cod liver and hard-boiled. Here salt, black ground pepper, juice of a lemon or mayonnaise is added. Everything mixes up, keeps within a salad bowl and is decorated with parsley greens.

Usually the stuffed eggs have success . Forcemeat can be the most different. With boiled yolks it is possible to mix both small cut ham, and the crushed olives and boiled passed via the meat grinder a chicken liver - everything is remarkably tasty. And if to strew forcemeat with black ground pepper yes to salt to taste, the people at a table will be delighted simply!

And now is more detailed - about forcemeat from a herring. On 10 eggs - 300 g of a herring, 100 g creamy oil (or mayonnaise), salt to taste. Eggs to hard-boil and clear, cut in half, to take out a yolk. To clear, cut off a fresh-salted or marinated herring at it the head and edge of a paunch, to take out interiors, to separate both fillets from a backbone. If the herring very salty, then it is previously soaked by 12 - 18 hours in cold water (5 - 6 times change it).

To wipe the peeled and small cut fillet of a herring and a yolk through a sieve, to shift in a pan with the softened and well shaken up butter (or mayonnaise), all carefully to mix and fill to taste with salt. To fill the prepared eggs with forcemeat, to lay on a dish forcemeat down, and I will make to cover with hats from the cut-off proteins of boiled eggs and to grease them with mayonnaise. Will turn out snow-covered mushrooms .

Guests of any age will be pleased for certain crackling sweet roses .

Products: 1 glasses of wheat flour, egg, half-glass of sour cream, sugar tablespoon, lemon crust, 2 tablespoons of vodka, vegetable oil, icing sugar.

We shake up egg with sour cream, we add a polished lemon crust, the remained sour cream, the sifted flour and vodka, we mix dough and we put it in cold for half an hour. Then we roll dough in thin (2 mm) layer, we cut circles of two sizes - more and less, we do 3 - 4 cuts at the edges and we impose one on another, having pressed a finger in the middle that did not break up.

We fry in a large amount of vegetable oil till brown color. Beautiful magnificent rosettes which we strew with icing sugar turn out. It can be received, having processed granulated sugar in the ordinary coffee grinder.

Carried out the expiring year, and now it is possible to give more hotly to continue a meeting of New year.

Cheerful to you holiday!