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What expects us in the United Arab Emirates?

of the United Arab Emirates attract tourists of Russia more and more. For entry into the country it is necessary to have the visa. Entrance can be forbidden those who at the passports has visas of the state of Israel. Entrance of unmarried women aged till 30 years or women who have surnames, different with the husband, is limited. The immigration service can refuse to them the visa. There are no restrictions for the Russian citizens.

Monetary unit - dirham. Credit cards, for example, of VISA, are accepted in the majority of shops and hotels. Money can be exchanged at currency exchanges which here almost continually. Working hours in them longer, than in banks.

The United Arab Emirates - the country with subtropical climate. Rainy days here no more than 10 in a year. Temperature fluctuates from +10 to +48 degrees of S. V January average temperature makes +24 degrees With, in July +41 degrees of S.

of Branded souvenirs in the United Arab Emirates are not present as the country existing 400 years until got them. Therefore from here carry products from gold.

Most of all in the United Arab Emirates tourism is developed. There is a set of magnificent hotels, unusual on the architecture. One fantastic night in them costs $1000.

The trip on hunting for crabs is possible. Your production will be prepared for a tremendous dinner at restaurant on the seashore.

is Also a remarkable opportunity to fish on the yacht with team. Barracudas, tunas, royal fish...

Do not doubt, the trip will be unique! There is an opportunity to visit also elite shooting club. In it there is the Russian instructor, he will help you to choose the weapon. You will be able to be trained in bench firing, and also to descend in a pistol shooting gallery. After competitions visitors can buy soft drinks and be photographed for memory. For an additional fee it is possible to play a paintball.

Sharjah - the most picturesque emirate. It is impossible to be in it and not to look at the only monument to the Koran. Then float on the boat on a lagoon and look at the world fountain, the third on height. Excursion will end with visit of the known fish market and shopping center Engines .

Having visited Abu - Dabi, you will get acquainted with a city architecture, have a look at skyscrapers - not incidentally it is called Manhattan of the Middle East ! Greens, the sea of fountains, flower beds, unity of antiquity and the present - here brilliant magnificence of the capital of Arab Emirates!

It is possible to visit a new aquapark Wild Wad! constructed about Jumeirah Beach hotel. It is one of the most modernized aquaparks, it is made in style of the Arab legend. In park more than 20 waterslides connected among themselves, and their total length makes 17 kilometers! It is a huge complex of various entertainments, attractions, shops and restaurants. An aquapark - the remarkable vacation spot for all family!

In Dubai one of the most magnificent and expensive hotels of the world - Burj Al Arab constructed on the island in 280 meters from the coast. It has six restaurants from which two are very unusual - restaurant - the aquarium and restaurant soaring at the height of 200 meters. Still there is a business - the center, SPA - salon, a sunbed, a hairdressing salon.

In numbers of this royal hotel there is a satellite television, the safe, a minibar, the computer with the connected Internet and even a bathroom with a jacuzzi.

Really gripping show when you see from the coast the island with hotel on a sunset, then you understand - here really it is worth visiting!