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How manage to improvise jazzmen who the first time see each other?

Meet people absolutely unfamiliar with each other, sit down in a circle and begin to play improvisations, having thrown only by a couple of words. Such picture is norm for so-called jam - seshn (jam session), or on - simple jams.

Since the childhood I puzzled over it. And studied at music school. And about chords knew also any sophisticated words. And here did not understand. It was necessary to study a subject more deeply. The answer was simple to pain.

Jam is and there is an improvisation . What does it have to do with jam - is unclear. And from where this mysterious floor the jazz was taken - the science does not know too. But the phenomenon appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century. It is considered that his Afro-Americans as it is accepted to call them now gave rise. Also there were it simple brass bands playing at weddings and a funeral. The tradition is, actually, Gipsy. But for some reason Blacks stand at the origins. So it is considered.

They played popular melodies, played as could, without knowing either notes, or laws of harmony. But, it was pleasant to the people. Listened and approved. And all this developed in so-called New - the Orleans jazz. When white adopted this tradition, the Dixie land turned out.

Played everyone as could and as understood, like a Gypsy. Everyone pulled the party. But as all - played not Black, but the European music, reached for the corresponding harmonies. At first mastered three chords.

At that time already in some look there was a blues (absolutely, it seems as, separate piece). And its began to sing (purely on - Black, with a rest) on these most three chords. And chords arranged in 12 steps in a certain order. But as in the blues there are sounds at all not located on musical paper (or on - to the scientist on a musical camp, they are lost somewhere between rulers), it turned out dirty music. They so call it. These are our way dissonances. There is a lot of them.

Here and so also the foundation of the modern jazz was laid by : " dirt; (the discording sounding), strict sequence of chords (the harmonious scheme) and free playing music according to this scheme. Soon there was also a swing (such small driving swing). But this swing vanished, again appeared, and here improvisation and " dirt; remains and till this day a jazz basis.

And styles of the jazz during its existence the huge number bred. It and a swing, and bi - a bop, and even the jazz - fate. And there are a lot more any different. For example, simfo - the jazz. Let`s remember Gershwin with his large jazz works. And sounding of modern variety orchestras is given rise by the jazz. But it is already a little aside. It is not the jazz any more. Though sounds sometimes very much and very probably.

During existence of the jazz many composers appeared. Already rather competent and professional. They complicated harmony, increased chords on power. Added " dirt;. Also gave rise to popular melodies. Which the people transferred by word of mouth (wind players, pipes, trombones, clarinets played generally). And these melodies became standard on jams. Their began to call jazz standards. Sometimes calling evergreen (our way leaves forever young). Also there are their about four hundred. Professionals know at least a half.

And so these standards consist of melodies (more often than rather short) and chords (harmony). And all jazzmen know these melodies and chords by heart. When they meet the first time, they choose melodies known to all participants of jam, agree about the choice of a tonality and - forward and with the song. The jazz - it is frequent the song.

At the beginning when in group there were a few musicians, improvisation happened at the same time. Everyone pulled the line, as in the Russian national song (rather national, but not written the unknown city author in the 19th century). Everyone beat as speak, a chord according to the scheme, standard for this melody. Then began to improvise in turn. At first the subject sounded, and then everyone gave the improvisation, one after another. And all structure accompanied it, everyone on the discretion within the known chords.

On most - that business, approximately also occurred during several hundred years (and maybe more, nobody knows) on open spaces of our great Homeland, Russia. Visiting foreigners noted a tremendous, difficult and polyphonic improvisational manner of singing in villages. Everyone bent the " line; within a well-known song. And " dirt; the same appeared, and the harmony was remotely similar to blues. And the grief of the working Black songs which formed the blues basis is traced in our native tunes.

So the people - it is also the people, irrespective of skin color and the birthplace. Also it is possible to tell that the jazz with batch on the blues - it with all the heart, really. Our way, in Russian. Though with Afro-American accent.