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What to be engaged after crisis in? The factory on production of a show off

Factory on production of a show off is closed. And it is a little a pity, agree. We for many years stay on an oil needle got used to an image of glamourous Russia. The country which heroes were not brave polar explorers, risky pilots and dirty miners, and girls and - la Csyusha Sobchak and boys like Dima Bilan. The country in which the thievish officials constructed vertically for convenience of transfer of money became the main characters.

As all of us were proud of our compatriots taking all new and new lines in the " magazine; Forbes ! As applauded the patriots returning home it would seem forever the lost Faberge`s eggs! As sympathized with our tourists in Courchevel which the French police officers did not allow to ride quietly on local slopes! As rejoiced for our owners of the biggest yachts in the world!

Really all in the past? Really the Russian tourists will not fill with a cache taverns of Western Europe any more? It is difficult to believe in it and it is even more difficult to reconcile to it, but so. What we in deep crisis, became clear when Roman Abramovich cancelled a wedding with Dasha Zhukova. We could endure a lot of things, but the fact that Dasha will not receive the next diamond necklace, and the public will not be able to prosmakovat details of this certainly epoch-making event, enters our people into a stupor.

It is impossible to finish so sharply with the tastes imparted to us by a telebox in recent years. It was necessary to prepare what soon, all of us should remember again soon that it to work at a factory that for game at office in " gradually; " worms; will not pay any more that the market needs engineers and managers, but not office plankton.

Soon, fight for workplaces against gasterbayter will begin soon. And that see you, was taken by all key positions on cleaning of streets and construction of houses! Let`s replace Tajiks with financial brokers and financial analysts. Let wave the broom and remember exchange quotations. We will make Oksana Robski the tram driver. Kolya Baskov - in ZhEK the plumber. Ksyushu Sobchak - the person on duty on the floor in hotel. Oligarchs from Forbes - loaders on transportation of furniture. The Minister of Finance - the accountant in logging enterprise. " group; Arrows - in tram depot.

And what to do, the factory on production of a show off is closed. It is time to be engaged in something concrete. Someone else remembers how to lay bricks or to knit scarves?