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For what, My God? About scales and world crisis.

Why suddenly Solomon comes back to the same thought three times? Why he tries to enclose it in the head of the successor? Why? Yes because scales are the substantiated justice embodiment: you - me, I - you an equal measure! Neither you should not me, nor I you!

Accuracy for the sake of should tell that a ratio you - me, I - you changed depending on circumstances. For example, in bumper-crop years there was no need in the food, and the exchange equivalent fell. Let`s say that last year there was hardly enough grain - hardly till a new harvest. And to survive, it was necessary to buy how many - that. And to pay for it it (is admissible) 5 rams (or something else). And this year all have grain, it does not need to be bought. There is a lot of it, it is possible and to sell. And there are no buyers-! Not all right! For two it is possible to sell something for 5 rams (and it is necessary to sell, differently will decay).

The coin appeared as write, in China and in an ancient Lidiysky kingdom in the 7th century BC. And in the 5th century BC money was officially introduced into circulation - the Persian tsar Darius who cancelled barter in the state and introduced into circulation uniform metal coins from an electron (a natural alloy of gold and silver) became the pioneer of these means of payment. About it historians were told perfectly remained rock paintings in ruins of the ancient city of Persepolis (modern Iran) .

Quite naturally that for such revolutionary step the technological base was necessary: the equipment for production of coins, and also uniform system of maintenance of cost was necessary. The most difficult task! Here also faced it in recent years: maintenance of cost. Only any more not coins, and papers.

The cost of a coin is a compliance declared by an emissioner (that who releases coins) contents of material in a coin. Material - gold, silver, their alloys, copper. Let`s say when releasing the first coins it was declared that the coin supports 8. 6th gram of gold. And the governor some time mints a coin, observing the declared weight. It can be long enough. But there comes the moment when there is no metal, and it is necessary to support commodity turnover (otherwise everything will return to barter or as it is called now - to barter). If not to make it, then it becomes difficult to raise taxes, to support as it should be the state treasury. And what you are a tsar if you have no gold I will reserve?

And the governor consciously goes for reduction of maintenance of weight of metal in a coin. Its face value remains to the same, and gold in it half what was at the beginning. And so was long ago. And it is violation of one of the most important precepts of the Lord about scales.

Here that experts tell us: One of the most interesting phenomena in the Russian numismatics of the 18th century is perechekana. Due to the frequent change of monetary foot mass alteration of an old coin in new was required. And as most often monetary foot changed many times, alteration of an old coin was carried out without melting by simple use of old circles for stamping of a new coin. Thus, periodically there was a need that to double face value and from 1, 2 and 5 - to make kopeechnik 2, 4 and 10 - kopeechnik, on the contrary - from kopeks to mint money (1/2 kopeks). Quite often on such coins it is possible to find details as new and old coins. And in some times repartition of coins was so frequent that double perechekana come across.

With the advent of paper money it became simpler to manipulate their gold contents though an opportunity to buy gold or silver coins on paper money very long remained (copper it was possible to buy too, but they were very heavy). And until gold was on sale, the state was forced to watch amount of the paper stock of money released.

What reasons led to cancellation of a possibility of an exchange of paper money for gold - I do not know. Most likely, shortage of metal. And after that paper stock did not become covered by gold reserves any more. Money began to lose the price promptly. Depreciation of paper money, inflation - the phenomenon of the world scale. Any country of the world could not avoid it. And as any obligations (actions, bonds and so forth) - a kind of money, and they are subject to inflation.

As if all rejoice when indexes of the exchanges grow. But actually such growth represents inflationary process. And when share prices fall, their price approaches actual cost. Whether it is possible to tell that this improvement of economy when at fall of stocks the huge number of businessmen is insolvent? I think at anybody language will not turn. But the fact that such phenomenon from the beginning was caused by non-compliance with bible rules - for me undoubtedly.

What to do? And one, separately taken citizen cannot make anything. We do not know why such storms are born and as they cease. We need only to wait. To wait when everything returns to a usual order.

And still. According to the primary source (Bible), at the disposal of each person there has to be only one set of weights, and its scales have to be exact. So to relieve itself of Lord`s anger, it is necessary to weigh carefully everything and to pay off with all an identical measure. And it not so much physically, how many morally (none of us carry a steelyard in a pocket today). I think that it is the strongest factor in maintenance of stability of our life. And you as consider?