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Children of color of the sky of

On the planet continue to be born unusual children! France calls them teflon on the British Isles - children of the millennium in Russia they - children of light . Who are they?

In life of each person there comes the moment - he begins to reflect: In what sense of his life? When I was a child, I very accurately could answer this question, the world rotated around me, everything lived for me, unknown forces helped me, I knew that it is good for me and what is not present but, having become more senior than me, it became more difficult to find truth.

Now I only at the beginning of the way, on a threshold of opening, and the world give me many surprises, bad and good. I want to turn out the world on a wrong side and to learn its original essence, but than more you look for that, it is more difficult to decide even for himself that there is a truth and that - lie.

At the same time about tens of TV channels, on hundreds the websites we hear different opinions on the future of Earth and the Person. Recently began to tell and write much to mass media about children, with uncommon and unique abilities: people - X-rays, the people capable to ignite objects to see through a wall, to read foreign mind, a look to bend aluminum spoons. Declare, and about even more improbable abilities: a levitation, teleportation, clairvoyance - such facts tickle nerves, excite consciousnesses, include the imagination. Reflecting on this subject, it is possible to leave far, to begin to argue on the 6th race, transition to four-dimensional space, the Armageddon, Space and Chaos in which there is our world, but today I am concerned most of all by a question: Children - indigo who they are?

Perhaps, I too who does not want to be unusual, to differ from others? In a word, to show off . Everything began

with the fact that unknown to nobody before Nancey Ann living in America, in the early eighties last century during sessions, found out the interesting fact that children, with blue color of aura, become more and more. Let`s understand, the aura is a biofield of the person, an indicator its vital force, it represents the shining cover which especially sensitive people are capable to see. The aura can be any color of a rainbow, and each shade has the value. Indigo the color is a color of the highest divine force, color spiritually - the developed people, with open channels of communication with universal forces. All this, of course, the esoterics, but is a great number of scientists who are engaged in studying of aura - biofields of the person, for example, at Institute of quantum biotechnologies, in Novosibirsk, give lectures on Bioelektrografiya, scientists of this center the device capable to fix power of object which name is very romantic - " is created; fifth " element;. There are parallels with Ancient Chinese ideas of the world. In this device signals from five nature elements are exposed to measurement. That is, literally, sensors plunge into the earth, into water, are attached to a plant, and by means of the antenna we receive a signal from air. The gas category acts as analog of fire. At Institute of human measurements there is a doctor who conducts a course of diagnosing of diseases of the person by readings its auras. Davny - long ago he found out that, having learned to read aura, you will understand at once that with this person not so. It is magnitno not required to you - the resonant image or results of other inspections. Just look at aura, and you will make the exact diagnosis. Most of people can do it, and the mentioned doctor trains in it. Practically all people possess ability to see aura if only they have no serious physical or emotional problem.

B 2008, it does not seem impossible any more, but about 10 years ago, in 1999 when the book Jen Tober and Li Carroll " was published; Children of the " Indigo color; become a bistseller though, I consider, in it there is not enough information about children - indigo the problem of their social adaptation, difficulty of their education are most of all discussed, lines on which they can be distinguished come to light. From the point of view of authors, these children:

- do not doubt the importance (in this regard often behave haughtily), can tell parents, who they are is actually,

- rise against authorities,

- consider that they should not explain the actions,

- are lost when they are tried to be squeezed in what framework,

- very quickly at the age of 3 - 4 years master the computer,

- I can retire into oneself if there are no similar nearby, can become reserved, not react to remarks, charges of misconduct,

- do not hesitate, to let know what they feel need for. (Here I would put dots. bus comment)

But now, probably, is a high time to address sceptics. From the point of view of psychology it is a portrait of the exceptional child with insufficient randomness of the behavior experiencing difficulties in sots. adaptations, in particular school. These signs not always give a reason to call the child - indigo . I think, their scepticism is quite reasonable, so now appeared many magicians, sorcerers, psychics who are rather good actors and psychologists, than really have the gift from God or from a devil. Indigo

is a congenital component of the personality and the special condition of consciousness defining a view of the person of the world, visible and hidden. In spite of the fact that became much more information on children - indigo, it is up to the end not studied phenomenon. These people sacredly keep the secrets, create communities, but happens and so that they get under negative influence and turn into infernal entities.

Here that is for certain known of generation opportunities next . Children - indigo possess amazing abilities: read mind at distance, show magnetic properties, attracting the body metal objects, are capable to remember the antecedents on Earth, other worlds and the Universes. Children - X-rays are capable to diagnose diseases as medical devices.

Scientifically - is proved that at children of new generation not 20 codes of unit of DNA, and all by 32 of 64 are already included that allowed scientists - to geneticists to speak about emergence of the new race steady even to HIV - an infection. But there is more to come, potentially there is an opportunity to restore all 64 DNA codes that can lead to discovery of even more phenomenal abilities. Also found other range of electromagnetic oscillations in many children, it is three times more, than at the ordinary person. There are facts that children - indigo possess the developed left and right hemisphere, than their uncommon abilities speak, and gives birth to such people (ambidekster) more every year. Even appearance of mankind changes - the new century is marked by growth of number of astenik.

Mankind is modified and it is recognized by both scientists, and psychologists, and psychics

change in perception of pictures of the world, revision of living positions and priorities of mankind can turn out to be Consequence of it The theory about children - indigo being now a utopia, in the future - an opportunity to reflect and choose other way of development of society which is offered by the nature. We were given chance.

in 2002 decided to support by WHO shamans. According to the organization, many folk remedies are very effective, and on the basis of medicative herbs, at least, 25 percent of modern pharmaceutical preparations are created. Now the genetic materials " are stored in a special databank; the best children.

Is people who reached the abilities continuous trainings. The ordinary person can do without air - minute, Natalya Molchanova holds the breath - on 7. Speed of reaction of the racer Alexey Vasilyev is 3 times faster, than at the ordinary person (it is equal 0,2 sec.). Speed of reaction of racers is caused by a stress, adrenaline comes to blood. The average person too during a stress begins to think quicker, but professionals live so every day, their life depends on it. Varya Akulova, the resident of Kryvyi Rih, has phenomenal potential, weighing 50 kg she is capable to lift - 350 kg, and it is not a limit yet. In the hometown it is called supergirl .

is probable, sometime there will be a Superperson who should not spend half-lives for a dream, it will not be to veil from nature whims. Superpeople on the land, in water and air will feel equally well, having not only improbable, from our point of view, force, but also the mind in one thousand times surpassing ours.