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Why we need a flu inoculation?

Flu - an acute viral infectious disease. This disease never stops on the globe!

Whether it is possible to resist to it? Whether it is worth doing it in general? It is possible just to spend several days at home, to undergo treatment and there will be nothing terrible Such questions are asked to themselves by mass media, many after viewing, where report about the future epidemic and quarantines.

For a start: it is necessary to resist to flu, especially, there is a prevention measure proved by long-term international experience recommended to WHO - vaccinal prevention. by

What flu is dangerous? Flu can cause serious complications. Often against flu chronic diseases become aggravated. At children and at elderly people flu can proceed in a severe, life-threatening form. The most important, eventually you can just avoid this unpleasant disease: in case of infection if you were vaccinated, the illness will proceed in much easier form. Flu will not concern you and your family, will not overset your plans, such bright and long-awaited.

What it is necessary to know about vaccination:

About vaccines:

1 generation - tselnovirionny vaccines (application in connection with risk of side effects is limited).

2 generation - Split vaccines (the risk of collateral reactions is much less).

3 generation - subjedinichny vaccines (have the high level of efficiency and low level of collateral reactions).

Vaccination is recommended practically to all, persons interested to reduce danger of a disease of flu and to avoid its possible complications.

Special categories with the increased risk of incidence:

1) children from 6 months to 3 years: they have no immunity against flu viruses because they had no contact with this disease yet;

2) often ill children, and also children visiting child care facilities;

3) the people having chronic diseases of kidneys, hearts, lungs, endocrine system, oncological diseases, diseases of blood, the persons having immunity violations (including HIV - infected) or the receiving preparations suppressing immunity, beam and chemotherapy;

4) the people who transferred organ transplantation or fabrics, the persons having diseases and/or malformations of the central nervous system;

5) people is more senior 65 - summer age, regardless of existence or absence of chronic diseases. In this age category incidence by 5 - 10 times exceeds that among other age, and the inoculation warns not only flu, but also reduces the frequency and weight of heart attacks and strokes;

6) the patients of any age who are in medical or other institutions of long and continuous stay, and also those who look after them;

7) doctors, nurses and other personnel of hospitals and policlinics, establishments on care of patients and disabled people, teachers and working in child care facilities.

Remember! Vaccination should be carried out annually as every year different (mutate) influenza strains, it is desirable a month before the expected epidemic (September - December, depends on the region of Russia). Special preparation is not required (important to exclude contraindication (an acute disease or an exacerbation of a chronic disease in day of vaccination; allergy to protein of eggs, allergic reactions to other components of a preparation). During the day it is desirable not to wet the place of a prick as the prick in itself can cause inflammatory reaction in the form of small reddening.

It is easier to be protected from flu by preventive measures, than to treat it!