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You will go to a ball a masquerade?

Once the empress Anna Ioannovna ordered to the citizens to build on Neva the palace of ice in which then played for a fun a wedding of clowns - dwarfs. It was both the real wedding, and a masquerade. Notable guests took part in a masquerade, for the sake of an entertainment having put on in different suits. And the groom with the bride welcomed to the palace in sledge in which pigs were harnessed. All wedding ceremony came to the end with a ball, to contemplate which could, as they say, and is old, and mlad

Today we almost do not share such concepts as carnival and masquerade though their history is not identical. Researchers disperse also in interpretation of the word carnival . There is a version that the carnival is connected with celebration of new year, the ceremonies known still in the ancient time. In the history of existence of carnivals there is a communication with the countries of Europe: Italy, France, Germany...

Italians have a word carnival goes back to the concept carnevale that is translated as farewell " meat;. Festival usually took place the day before 40 - a day post. At the head of procession there was a bull as a symbol of abundance who in several days was slaughtered. Carnivals were always time of big festivals, interesting shows and unreasonable gluttony.

Word " mask; occurred from Latin mask . It is known that in Ancient Greece in theater actors - men who changed masks acted, playing several roles at once. In the Middle Ages in Europe vagrant actors put on during performances of a mask, also buffoons in Russia used masks.

Masquerades for the first time appeared in Italy, and then extended over other countries. However and today theaters of Japan, Hugo - East Asia use masks Carrying out masquerades in Russia is connected by

with a name of Peter I. Usually they passed in honor of some event. For example, in connection with the end of Northern war (1701 - 1721) and a victory of Russia over Sweden. The colourful show was calculated on several days, Peter I himself participated in preparation of all ceremonial. The imperial yard made invitations to festivals. It was specified in them that it is necessary to arrive in mashkeradny " suit;.

The empress Catherine II held festive celebrations with special refinement. The masquerade in honor of its ascension on a throne " is in the history known; The Triumphing Minerva (Goddess of wisdom, patroness of art). 200 vehicles, sledge and chariots were involved in procession. In total over 4 took part in the organization of a celebration - x thousands of people.

To fun and triumph of guests there was no end. Here it was possible to see devils, fortunetellers, the singing Roma. On a throne Venus surrounded with cupids sat. God Apollo with the muses finished a procession. Inventions of organizers of a carnival were, as a rule, directed to a glorification of the Russian monarch under the auspices of which blossom in the state of science, culture, education, art. The masquerade Catherine II in honor of a victory over Turkey and accession of the Crimea to Russia was not less magnificently organized.

In the XIX century masquerades often arranged in private houses to entertain guests, to have fun. However in the period of Nicholas I`s government masquerades began to pass only after permission of the tallest person to their carrying out. Person privilege the rich man, the fan of amusements, the colonel in resignation W. W. Engelgardt who built the big house in St. Petersburg used. On memoirs of contemporaries, in this house could come any person who paid the ticket for an entrance . But during a masquerade, having dressed others dress, it was possible to joke, intrigue much, without being afraid that you are recognized

the Researcher of the Russian culture And. I. Mazayev wrote that masquerades in Russia gradually descended on is not present . For the Russian people who got used to the agrarian to holidays, brought from Europe masquerades and remained alien " element;. But it does not mean at all that they left for good our life. More likely, over the years, changed a form, it began to be carried out masked balls, carnival parades more Still Venice is famous for

for the carnivals, there they last nearly 10 days, without leaving to public minutes for boredom. But the most fascinating show in the world - a carnival in Rio - - Zhaneyro. All three days, prior to the beginning of the Lent, Brazil groans from violence of music, intensity of emotions, incendiary songs and dances.

The second big in Europe and the world after Rio - - Zhaneyro - a carnival to Tenerife (island of the Canary archipelago). This carnival originates since colonization of the population by the Spanish governor. So, in 1638 the king Philip IV and his confidants organized the improvised wedding on which notable misters changed clothes in clothes of women, and the king and the queen put on dresses of the servants.

Hardly one carnival to Tenerife as here begin to prepare for the future comes to an end. The best fashion designers are involved in process of tailoring of colourful suits. And, the weight of some of them reaches several kilograms. So each new Queen of a carnival has to be not only beautiful, cheerful, but also hardy.

Has an old story and a carnival in Nice. According to legends, the duke Anzhuysky in 1294 to entertain guests, decided to organize a ball with fireworks. Today, during a carnival on a main square in Nice light over 150 thousand bulbs which light the night sky. But guests of a carnival are always struck with the beauty by the flower processions consisting of 20 moving platforms decorated different with flowers.

There were traditions in carrying out carnivals in Germany. There begin to prepare for carnival processions long before new year. One of days of a holiday is provided only to women who change clothes in different suits. In pleasure places it is possible to meet devils, dealers, witches, it is better for them not to fall into hands, not that is it is possible to be left without clothes and money. But are even glad to these jokes. When still it can be afforded?

In the Netherlands on a carnival watch dolls in police clothes who can be met in different places order. Only in one of the cities of this country - Dan Bose exists about 150 carnival societies. In carnival days music sounds in each city. There take place competitions of the best orchestras of the country to win an unusual prize: the winner receives 40 - a liter barrel with beer.

Mexicans who test the sea of pleasures from entertainments on a carnival like to have fun. By the end of a carnival by tradition they elect the Queen of a carnival and Terrible the king, to give to a carnival a special highlight. In one of days Mexicans celebrate Day of oppressed husbands . Men are allowed to do that they will only want, certainly, within the established laws and belief.

South Africa begins series of carnivals of the newest year. Sometimes they last from 2 weeks to one month. On a carnival it is accepted to arrange competitions. There are song, dancing and sports competitions.

Each people have the history, legends and legends, it also defines identity of any carnival.

If you did not buy to yourself a mask yet, I advise to buy and to have fun with all the heart. Health, pleasure and happiness to you in new 2009 - m to year!