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As the House of the actor became for Margarita Eskina home ?

In memory of the father Margarita Eskina still stores his secretary with a huge number of boxes. The owner of the apartment, Alexander Moiseevich Eskin, arranged all room with mahogany furniture as it after revolution cost kopeks . And when after World War II such furniture got out of fashion, Eskin, on memoirs of his daughter, threw out such beauty on a garbage can.

Margarita Eskina still remembers how their family lived in Moscow, on the Arbat, in a communal flat of almost destroyed house, without any conveniences. A special holiday was for Rita when mother brought to the room a basin with warm water to be washed. Those years all this was normal Margarita was born

on December 22, 1933 (75 years ago) in a family of the ballerina Zinaida Sergeyevna and the famous specialist in drama study Alexander Moiseevich Eskin. When Rita was 8 years old, she gave birth to the sister, but mother died in several hours after birth of tiny Zina. There was 1941, Fergana, evacuation. After the sister`s birth the father transported them to Moscow where girls were brought up by the grandmother, the father`s mother.

Eskin hurried to Moscow also because in 1937 he headed for the first time the House of the actor created in the country on the basis of the All-Russian theatrical society which was sponsored in due time by the actress Aleksandra Aleksandrovna Yablochkina. Foundress associations of actors there was an active obshchestvennitsa, the actress Maria Gavrilovna Savina.

Still to Margarita Eskina it is unclear how the management of the Moscow government of that time risked to entrust the House of the actor to Jew Eskin. Probably, because Alexander Moiseevich had a surprising ability to unite different people together. He nearly 50 years, to the death, held competitions, holidays for actors, decades for composers, brought together club of poets. His imagination was inexhaustible.

In a family Eskinykh all thought that Margarita will become an actress. She told in the memoirs more than once as at their place there were E. Vakhtangov, I. Moskvin, E. Turchaninova, E. Geltser, L. Utesov On skits which were organized by Eskin, there came from Leningrad S. Lemeshev and I. Kozlowski. Margarita remembers how actors famous to all country, having fun and playing the fool at these meetings, ran at a long table where they were already waited by porridge which it was necessary to eat all forward. The winner was waited by a prize - a big piece of cabbage pie

After leaving school Margarita declared houses that is going to be the teacher. Margulya, - the father told, - in it, of course, there is nothing bad, but why the teacher? The Daughter answered it: The Father, I do not suit for actresses. I have no talent. And the teacher from me will be good . But when the rector of educational institution where the girl arrived, took an interest at young Eskina from where she has such surname, she vigorously answered: I am Jew . To teacher training college Margarita was not admitted.

And she filed documents on teatrovedchesky faculty of GITIS.

Margarita began the labor life with the editor`s position on the Central television, and then and the deputy chief editor in edition of youth programs. Eskina participated in the organization of transfers: And well - girls! Hallo, we look for talents! Heartily " Auction; KVN and others. She got acquainted with many interesting people. Eskina threw on the most difficult sites, she agreed with those stage and film actors who refused to all, but not it.

As Margarita Aleksandrovna speaks: I have a father`s, thoughtless character. I cannot long take offense, I love people. I love life . Once the sister Zinaida to it noticed: Life, Rita, is given to suffer, be able to transfer tests, and you run, having forgotten about everything, and go on: I am happy! And Margarita, really, was happy. And 25 years of work on television flew by at Eskina as one happy day.

When the new chairman S. G. Lapin came to Gosteleradio, he began to update collective, having arranged persecutions on objectionable . Eskina appeared among them. However, to soften blow suggested to work as it temporarily in teleradio fund. But Margarita Aleksandrovna thought and refused. It seemed that life lost any meaning.

The beloved father calmed her as could: Margulya, you do not know that waits for you ahead. I think that everything will be good . After work on television Eskina within 10 years replaced not one place. Everywhere it was interesting, everywhere treated it kindly, but she understood that there can and do without it. And Margarita complained to nobody. It already prepared for pension.

But soon life abruptly changed. During reorganization Margarita Eskina was invited by Mikhail Aleksandrovich Ulyanov who headed the new organization Soyuzteatr, and offered it as she wrote in the book Mastera and Margarita to become the director of the Central House of actors of A. Yablochkina. It was not the fairy tale, it was the real happiness! I was 55 years old by then. Time to retire, and I decided to begin everything anew .

Probably, nothing casual in life happens. After death of the father Margarita Eskina understood that life presented it just invaluable gift - his legendary name. At first she took offense, and then got used when to TsDA there came people that in an office Eskina to see his daughter. Margarita Aleksandrovna had a huge desire to continue business of the father, she had an experience with people, and she, having rolled up sleeves got down with enthusiasm to business.

But on this way it was waited by serious test. Their building on Tverskoy Street (in the past of Gorky St.) in Moscow burned down. It was necessary to work in one room, in another. But Eskina did not feel lonely. Thanks to efforts of the famous actors O. Tabakov, M. Mironova, E. Bystritskaya, E. Yevstigneyev, M. Ulyanov, Yu. Borisova and many others, the President of Russia B. Yeltsin gave by the decree to actors the room on the Arbat, 35.

Most of all Margarita Eskina sought to keep in the new building the atmosphere father`s houses. And therefore renewed many forms of its work. She continues to hold creative meetings with the audience, evenings of the famous actors. Still arranges the presentations of books of new authors, restores work of club of poets.

But already at the new hostess Doma began to work " club; Veterans of a scene evenings of the Russian romance. Especially touchingly and warmly Eskina holds meetings - memories of theatrical archives which are in each house of the actor. Margarita Eskina does everything in order that in Doma of the actor there was always a situation of unselfishness and domesticity.

Fifteen years ago the House of the actor decided to found an actor`s award of A. A. Yablochkina. Among the first actors awarded with it there were M. Ulyanov, M. Mironova, V. Vasilyeva, N. Annenkov, I. Okhlupin, etc. Today in TsDA three studios work, there are two halls on which scenes constantly there are premieres of performances of the leading theaters not only capital cities, but also provinces.

Already for several years of TsDA is an accomplice in holding the All-Russian " festival; skits reviews of the best drama schools of Russia, and, of course, a competition of an author`s song of A. Mironov. Among a set of awards which were handed to Margarita Eskina most of all the rank of the academician of the International academy of theater which it was awarded in honor of the 70 - the anniversaries is expensive to her.

Once Margarita Eskina told that she absolutely happy person, she works in father`s Doma, serves favourite business, lives in the atmosphere of heat, good and constant care of people.

For these years it did not change the opinion.