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Who chased the Japanese poachers, and then described life on Mars?

on October 12 - day of memory of Arkady Natanovich Strugatsky, senior from brothers - fantasts which died this day, 17 years ago. He lived very interesting life with which I also want to acquaint readers.

And it began on August 28, 1925 in Batumi where his father, Nathan Strugatsky, worked as the editor of the " newspaper; Labour Adzharistan . So the first years of future writer passed on the bank of the Black Sea. It, as well as all his peers, from morning to late evening vanished at the sea, and every summer was similar to the blackamoor. The love to water elements remained in its blood until the end of days

B Nathan Zalmanovich was appointed 1933 the research associate of the State Russian Museum in Leningrad. Exactly here, several days later, the younger brother of Arkady who was named Boris was born. So in some measure the childhood at the elder brother ended because with younger most often it had to remain.

Road of Life divided a family

In pre-war years Strugatsky` family lived in peace and friendship and, by and large, without special problems. But from the beginning of the Great Patriotic War and with approach of Hitlerites to Leningrad - everything changed to the worst. First Nathan Zalmanovich flatly refused to leave the city on Neva together with a family, somehow was not believed that fascists will be late at city walls for a long time. But the heavy winter of 1941 - 1942 introduced the amendments. Strugatsky decided to leave Leningrad on Road of Life. Departure was appointed to January, 1942, but on the eve of it Boris was seriously ill. On a family council it was decided that at first to evacuation there will go only the father with the eldest son, and mother with younger will join them later.

Alas, it was not fated to come true. Nathan Zalmanovich who is weakened for hunger did not reach to Central Asia where they went. He died on the way, in Vologda where he was buried. And the destiny abandoned Arkady in the settlement of Tyshla in the Orenburg steppe from where already in the following, 1943, it was called up for military service. Fortunately, 18 - the summer guy, very clever and educated, decided to send to the front not at once. It was sent to the Aktyubinsk mortar school for now he studied, war continued in Europe. The administration already thought of post-war life, and therefore the mortar Arkady Strugatsky was sent to Moscow, to Military institute of foreign languages where he studied up to 1949 then the lieutenant, with the diploma of the translator with Japanese and English, Arkady was sent there where Makar of calfs did not drive, to Kamchatka.

A new secret weapon of Russians

Life in a military camp was hard. I am silent about household difficulties, they were enough, it is about service. As the translator, the young lieutenant had to chase on boats the Japanese poachers. I represent its powerlessness and rage, any duel with impudent thieves of sea wealth predictably came to an end not in our advantage: on vessels of poachers there were powerful engines so our rusty galoshes with the turtle course nobody could be caught up. But most of all touched that at the same time the Japanese poachers also frankly scoffed at our frontier guards.

But Arkady would not be talented in everything if did not think up the interesting course. Once officers - bachelors once again saw off culturally - entertaining action: drank undiluted alcohol. This time representatives of several types of military forces wormed way into the company. The translator unburdened the heart some to the flyer who on check was a person serving in rear from a battalion of airfield service. He also suggested Strugatsky to put on them galosh the written-off plane cursor.

Of course, it was arbitrariness, moreover, both participants of experiment could be, at best, are dismissed from army, in the worst - to get penal. But in a state of drunkenness what only you will not make a feat. In a word, the plane cursor was established on the boundary boat.

When it modernized the watercraft seemed around poaching, Japanese staid without turning a hair. They continued to fill holds of own boats, expecting to leave as it happened every time. And too late saw that the boat of Russians gathered space course. Generally, caught up with Japanese in a few minutes. So it happened also for the second day, and on the third. And on the fourth - Japanese left this fishing area as rats from the ship before a storm. On islands the hearing rushed that Russians had a new, supersecret weapon...

Choose the blonde, and everything will develop differently...

Cultural actions were the only outlet in the remote garrison. On them the lieutenant Strugatsky often told interesting stories which happened to him even during study in Moscow. So, once two of them with the companion were invited by two beautiful strangers on a visit. Still guys agreed upon the road who whom will look after. You, Arkasha, undertake the brunette, and I, so and to be, the blonde .

Several months were on friendly terms in couples until the companion with the blonde decided to get married. Only at a wedding it became clear that the blonde was the marshal`s daughter. The happy companion of Arkady is farther than the Arbat did not serve anywhere, and the offended Strugatsky filled in a grief so desperately that the next morning woke up on to a guardroom. And instead of a holiday table saw not less rumpled young man, the age-mate. Got to talking, he was the son of other marshal reckoning on the bride. Therefore from a grief it was so torn. Companions in misfortune the grief as to the yard of the Moscow guardroom the small bronevichok drove did not manage to pour out. It turned out that mummy of the prisoner, madam of a marshalsh, sent to the sonny of food to kind pood.

In several months the second lieutenant Strugatsky himself went to ask in marriage. Did not find anything better how to zasvatat the granddaughter of the most important capital butcher. The granddaughter agreed, Arkady too, but the grandfather became stubborn: For gol we will not give the perekatny girl . And did not even look that Arkady`s grandfather too was in due time an elder of myasnitsky shop of the capital at

the Service ended for Arkady Natanovich in 1955 when reduction in army then it returned to Moscow where worked at first at Institute of scientific information, and then as the editor in Goslitizdat and Detgiz began.

On all refrigerator only a jar with caviar. Black... A bit later they decided to write

with the grown-up younger brother together science fiction. The first two scientifically - fantastic the story left in " magazines; Equipment - youth and Knowledge - force exactly 50 years ago, in 1958. And next year the first story - " was issued; Country of crimson clouds just in Children`s state publishing house, and rather big circulation - 90 thousand copies.

And further - rushed - went. Stories and novels of brothers Strugatsky with impatience were expected by readers not only in the USSR, but also in many countries of Europe and the world. So, having sometimes deficiency in the Soviet money, Arkady and Boris always held checks of Vneshtorgbank. However, on them not everything was on sale. So, friends liked to tell a true-life story when once one them them, having taken a bottle, asked Strugatsky what to buy still, that told shortly: " Bread;.

The interlocutor - the drinking companion, having bought long loaf, came to kitchen, and first of all decided to put a small bottle in the refrigerator, for cooling. What his surprise when he, having opened a door, found out that the only maintenance of the refrigerator - a one-liter jar with black caviar was!

The thick log of literature to

As was written by brothers Strugatsky? According to Arkady Natanovich, very simply. At first they separately thought out a new thing, then gathered and did its very detailed abstract. Then they together wrote the first option on the machine. After that, having kept everyone according to the copy, they separately edited the manuscript. Ha the final stage of work Strugatsky reduced editing in one copy. There were without knot and a hitch

I two more interesting moments. Vladimir Vysotsky called one of the sons in honor of Arkady Natanovich whom he very much respected. And the second - one of Strugatsky`s daughters became the second wife of Egor Gaidar.

As I already told, Arkady Natanovich Strugatsky died on October 12, 1991, after a serious long illness. Since then his younger brother, Boris, as he said, continued to saw a thick log of literature a two-handled saw, but without workmate .