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How to become happy? Not to postpone happiness for later!

So, we never live, but only we hope to live and as we constantly hope to be happy, from here inevitably follows that we are never happy.

B. Pascal

It was usual morning of usual day. I went on the affairs and saw on the road, to a terrible regret, a situation, habitual for the city, - road accident in which the person died. Only several seconds that I passed by the bent car, set me thinking on how life can suddenly break. The following thought which came to mind: And it, probably, had plans for tomorrow .

I suddenly presented that the died man drank coffee perhaps more than an hour ago and said with the wife that soon when all their desires are granted, here then they will heal really . it is possible, he went to work and argued that when it goes for increase, then it will have more opportunities, it realizes all the plans and here then will be precisely happy .

But there was what occurred. Literally during an instant the life full of hopes and plans broke. And it any more never realizes the desires, his dreams any more will never be fated to come true. Very scary word - never .

It is frequent we live future in which we as it seems to us, will be surely happy. We explain it with the fact that so far for happiness there are not enough money, there is not enough living space, the car not of that brand, a fur coat not from that fur, appearance is not brought to perfection etc. In my opinion, this list can be continued for a long time.

And here we run towards to our happiness forward, we run at top speed, without noticing anything around. It seems to us - then when everything is reached , it is possible to stop and to quietly admire beauty surrounding us, to communicate to friends, to talk slowly to the son about his teenage problems, to read the interesting book.

But so far we seek to earn on happy life the son matures, friends move away, health from a constant stress worsens also to us not to beauty of world around any more, here to cure an ulcer.

So flies by life. Also it is very often possible to hear similar phrases:

I all life aspired fortunately...

I did not find the happiness.

... and I also did not live.

And here other approach:

my brother with the wife bought the apartment on credit for 15 years three years ago. they made by

For these three years good repair, changed furniture, bought new household appliances, the computer, changed windows, frames on a balcony and went to have a rest to Turkey.

my mother was in perplexity - as it is possible to spend money when still the credit is not paid. What my daughter-in-law answered:

But we want to live properly already today , but not to postpone it for 15 years. What will be tomorrow - One man`s guess is as good as another`s . We pay the credit as it is painted in the contract, and we spend the rest and we derive from it pleasure . Personally I agree

with it.

Think of the life. Whether you pass something interesting whether you lose any simple human pleasures, in hope that then you compensate it to the best.

For example, young mummies who hurry to employ to the kid the nurse and to come to work. I do not speak about those mothers who are forced to act this way in accordance with the circumstances.

Mothers who above all appreciate career are repaid the fact that do it for the sake of the child. He will be able to be proud of mother who achieved certain heights in this life. Besides, if in a family works not only the father, it will well influence the budget, so the child will have all the best. Probably, it is good.

But it is worth to remember that the most valuable to the child is mother.

Careful, tender, kind which even very good nurse will not be able to replace. And mother is more necessary right now, so far it absolutely small, but not then when he grows up and it will have friends, the interests. And as mother loses much. To observe how your kid takes the first steps, pronounces the first words, makes the first feats and opening - it is incomparable with anything!

Once I heard as the woman who just lost the daughter told: I so gave it time a little. Now I would give everything to embrace her, but already... She began to cry.

to me these words were engraved in the memory as a splinter, I then expected a baby.

Now to my daughter 2,5 years, and I am happy that I have an opportunity to be near it. I want to enjoy

Ya this strange time which will never repeat.

Happiness - very relative concept, it at everyone the is also not always expressed in something material.

the People who appeared in a wheelchair dream to run about the legs on a green grass.

the Lonely woman sees the happiness in motherhood.

the Athlete dreams to participate in the Olympic Games and to win. it is fine

I. But what if these dreams are not fated to come true?

Is good if the person, aspiring to the purpose, is able to find pleasures in today .

Differently will comprehend it strong disappointment. And, as we know, not all can cope with it.

You should not chase illusions. Rejoice to what is . God loves grateful people who are happy that they have. It it gives even more. Stop for an instant and try to make out everything that is around you. Perhaps, what you look for, absolutely nearby, at arm`s length.

Do not put off happiness. Be happy already today!