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What is a naming and as it is possible to earn from it?

As you will call the yacht, so it also will float!

(Captain Vrungel)

Neym in English means name . And naming? Goodness knows...

And announcements, the type given below where the naming is even allocated with separate point even more often meet.

The Advertising agency needs the copywriter. Urgently.

Official duties:

1. Writing of advertizing texts, headings, slogans, including on a brief;

2. Drawing up a press - releases;

3. Scenarios of carrying out promo - stocks, commercials;

4. Naming .

Is possible distant work.

Payment by results of interview
(that is, than more abruptly and podkovanny you will prove to be, that even the starting fee) " will be higher;.

(The announcement on the job search website).
we Will look at

that speak about a naming it clever is not present, not books, the websites. In 21 - m a century we live.

The Naming - a complex of the works connected with creation of the sonorous, memorable and exact names for the enterprises, projects, the websites and other objects . (finam. ru/dictionary) generally, our way, on - is working

- country, the naming is just inventing of a name (name). Firms, goods, trademark of the website, domain Cities, villages, temporary tent town Parties, public organization... And protchy, protchy, protchy. Everything that needs to be called somehow, all this is field of activity of specialists in a naming - neyminolog. (The name did not meet it anywhere, itself just thought up!) Which, by the way, in Russia are not learned yet. Practically. And what it means? And what you can prove in this confusion by the cool specialist in a naming.

Inventing of the name - the same business, as well as any other. Difficult only from the very beginning. And to facilitate to itself life, it is better to follow already ready, checked technique, bringing in it a personal creative. Over time experience will come and many stages will slip just automatically. However, it is necessary to consider that mistakes in a naming cost much. Very expensively! Very much - it is very expensive! Too expensive!!

Classical example of an unsuccessful naming: Having produced the Buick model under the name LaCrosse, the GM corporation did not consider that on the French slang this word means masturbation . (EncNaming. ru). Since then the French market was closed for all Buick models forever!

Alas, examples of successful names around us it is a little. It is a little! And what is usually were chosen not in the professional way, but in the way divine inspiration ! Just occurred, and then lo and behold It seems normally! Why still to employ professionals?

And there are firms of the " type; Professional system with the slogan We Build professionally not calculated on that being allocated and inform of the uniqueness the client, and that was . Correctly, such firms get orders usually for bribes or on protection it is absolutely optional to be allocated here. Only, in connection with financial crisis, firms such becomes less and less. And clever heads already look for new niches where without samoindentifikation including by means of the name, it is simple not to survive.

So, we begin work.

The first and the main thing - the analysis of target audience. Its structure, requirements, strangenesses, fears, slang We estimate names of competitors. Successful, not really and... very much not really. Why they, these names, such? What were your competitors guided by?

The second stage - we gather a team of the participants familiar with target audience. This team can consist also of one person. We adjust preliminary work with information sources. We define criteria of decision-making, otherwise creative process can absorb all the time and all budget. And this stage - only the beginning! It is necessary to define criteria of efficiency, positioning, temporary and legal criteria. Requirements of regulators have to be studied by separate point if those are available.

The third stage - generation of a set of options. Primary selection can be made on the Internet, public databases, dictionaries The general rules are very simple:

1. To offer the maximum number of possible names.

2. To classify them by categories and subjects.

3. To reject difficult, compound, imitating competitors, unclear target audience of the name.

4. To work variations (change) of this or that subject.

The fourth stage - selection of the options meeting the existing criteria.

The fifth stage - testing of the chosen options.

1. Say the name.

2. Transfer him on voice mail.

3. Email it to representatives of target audience for studying public opinion .

4. Place it on the business card, the advertizing leaflet and other advertizing carriers.

5. Put it in heading. Clings or not?

6. Find other techniques which can be trusted.

7. Check whether there is no conflict with other registered trademarks.

8. Check language, religious, cultural and other associations whether there is no negative implication.

9. Carry out the linguistic analysis.

The sixth stage - Final legal check on compliance to requirements of regulators:

1. Within the country;

2. International if it is required.

The seventh and the stage finishing - registration.

It appears, to call something - business not so simple! However and competent experts in this area (and not only in our country) today worth its weight in gold. Try the hand in this interesting, creative and well paid business. Even if you have no experience at all, try. The exchanges of a naming can be found in the Internet, having given inquiry exchange of a naming or a naming - the " service; in any search engine.