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Let`s take a walk in Singapore?

of B bananovo - lemon Singapore our unruly tourist can get on three needs. It is possible to have a rest - not in the city, and on the nearby island, it is possible to be engaged in shopping, especially it concerns electronics, but, generally is a transit point too. Let`s tell, for those who fly to Indonesia.

2 - 3 days are enough for the sharp-witted and brisk transit tourist that and to get acquainted with the well-known city-state, and to buy something, often forgetting about a difference in a constitution (razmerchik - that makhonky). But in shops - always conditioners, and on the street - always hot.

And also stuffy and terribly populously. Nearly 4 million people on the city and how many visitors - also you will not tell, but also without them population density - the 5000th people per square kilometer. Here also imagine

Malayans, Chinese and Indians, and also still a set of other nationalities Live in Singapore. The country is multi-religious, generally - Catholicism and the Buddhism. But it is possible to come across also on absolutely unexpected, for example, the Armenian church So also the Orthodox Christian is where to come.

And still as all know, in Singapore it is impossible to litter (a penalty - 1000 Singapore dollars). And there is practically no place to smoke (a penalty - 500 dollars) - only if you see occasionally street ashtray to which with all speed the tourists who yearned on nicotine right there direct.

But with the Internet in the city - grace. Since the airport where except a wireless communication, literally through each 5 meters there are computers with the free Internet, finishing with rooms of hotels and very cheap Internet cafes on any intersection.

It is easy to talk to people here, except the state Malayan, Mandarin, Chinese and Tamil languages, and official English is state. Really all of them speak four state languages? However, all languages at them mix up a little too: is singlish (street English) and manglish (malaysko - English). You will become original culture here, you will not get to anywhere.

And in general Singapore is divided into two big ethnic areas: Chayna - a town and small India (Little India). So in one city it is possible to see enough all - both Hindu, and Buddhist, and Taoist, and Christian temples and did not do without mosques the City is unique

not only to these. May you imagine festivals which assume 7000 actions a year? How many it in day? That is where - nibud in the city and rejoice, celebrate something, it is possible to go to any party

I should walk on all river embankments Singapore. And to visit the tropical reserve.

And Vertinsky in Singapore, speak, and was not. But its tango Magnolia will remain in centuries:

In bananovo - lemon Singapore, during storms,

When the ocean

I sings and cries drives a distant caravan in a dazzling azure

of Birds...

B bananovo - lemon Singapore, during storms,

When you have on heart a silence,

you, eyebrows is dark - blue having frowned,

Grieve one.

I is gentle remembering

Other sky of May,

my Words, and caress, and me,

you cry, Ivetta,

That our song is sung,

A heart is not warmed by

Without love of fire.

I, with pleasure fading with shouts of a parrot,

As a wild magnolia in bloom,

you cry, Ivetta,

That the song is not finished singing,


the Summer

Somewhere of

Was carried away in dream!

In opal and lunar Singapore, during storms,

When under wind breaks banana,

you dream all night long on a yellow skin,

Under cries of monkeys.

In bananovo - lemon Singapore, during storms,

Wrists and rings ringing,

the Magnolia of a tropical azure,

you love me.