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Whether Shakespeare a mason was?

B took place 1929 opening of Shakespearean theater in Stratford. To amazement of public, several hundreds of masons in ceremonial vestments headed by the Great Master Lozhi came there. What could connect them with Shakespeare?

Masons keep about it silence. But the researchers familiar with their traditions found hints to Masonic ceremonies in several plays of Shakespeare. Anthony and Cleopatra Love`s Labour`s Lost Pericles Storm Macbeth say that the author knew the legends and rituals known only devoted high level. About same testify and Sonnets : illustrations to their second edition are filled with Masonic symbolics.

And in 90 - x years of the 20th century the historian Dolley Wright found a legend which formed the basis of Masonic ritual of dedication in a rank of the master symbolizing death and revival. It was struck by similarity of a legend to the description of death of Marlo, and she wrote the book Legend of Hiram still unpublished. In the book it asked a question: whether Marlo`s death was dramatized as Masonic ritual?

We will compare the text of a legend to the official version of death of Marlo:

Every day, at twelve o`clock when came it is time to pass from work to rest and to support forces, the Master Hiram entered a sanctuary . Marlo`s

lay on a bed while his friends supported forces at supper.

The Master Hiram was one when three bandits " rushed into a sanctuary;. Marlo`s

were carried out by day to the companies of three suspicious persons.

Hiram was killed with blow of the hammer in the right eye . Marlo`s

it was killed with blow of a knife in the right eye.

Hiram was buried in an anonymous grave . by Marlo`s

it was buried in an anonymous grave.

Hiram revived on 14 - y day .

the Name of Shakespeare for the first time was published on June 12 - on 14 - y day after official death of Marlo. It was printed on a poem " cover; Venus and Adonis in which it is told about young Adonis`s death and Venus mourning destiny of the beloved.

And the legend of Hiram goes back to even more ancient legend - about death and revival of Osiris mourned by Isida and rescued by it on 14 - y day after death.

In parallel and irrespective of these surprising opening, the English philologists A. Fowler and the Item. Bulls, studying structure Sonnets came to a conclusion that their author was a remarkable mathematician and perfectly knew proportions of Great pyramid of Cheops, having ciphered them in Sonnets . Having arranged Sonnets not in a habitual order, and in the form of a triangle, they found out that in the center of this triangle there is a sonnet in which the author speaks about the lost eye, and it reminded them an ancient symbol: an eye in a triangle. In the center of the basis of a pyramid there is a sonnet in which it is told about moist eye of the widow - it reminds at the same time both of Isida, and of Hiram who was called widow`s son .

The top of a triangle is made by 28 sonnets devoted to the dark lady - Isidu called dark goddess and its number - 28, the number of days of lunar month. The most top sonnet comes to the end with words that water cannot extinguish a flame - it reminds about to a chemical wedding Rosicrucians - the union of fire and water, symbolizing man`s and female began.

Fowler and Bulls found a set of numerical communications between sonnets and a pyramid. The author mentions a monument and pyramids, emphasizing that its verses are a grandiose monument. Being in the opinion of people a derelict and the tramp, he at the same time is full of love and wisdom which are the most expensive than terrestrial treasures and kingdoms.

So, the author of plays and sonnets was devoted a high rank. He passed a ceremony of death and revival and received the Master`s title. But how the description of ritual could be included in the protocol?

It seems that the protocol was written not by the so venerable royal coroner Edward Denbi, and the one who officially was registered as the dead man and whose corpse lay on a table. The great playwright, he created the scenario of own death - the play in which he soon should play. He knew that the hidden meaning of the text will be understood only devoted, and for the others it will be just the description vulgar scandal . The only thing that it could not provide, - that the text will lie under a bushel 332 years.

In the text of the protocol it is possible to notice small strangeness. There it is told that dispute happened from - for payment of account - le recknynge . What is le recknynge ? Despite the French article, this word not French, but Old English, meaning account, payment, result, victim .

Why was to write the French article before the English word in the text entirely written IN LATIN?

Later this word the set of times repeats in Shakespeare`s texts. The comedy " is especially remarkable in this sense; As it will be pleasant to you : If verses of the person cannot be understood, and his kind mind is not followed by the child - understanding, it strikes the person more fatally, than big calculation (reckoning) in the small room .

All Shakespearean scholars recognize that this monologue - a hint on Marlo`s death. But the matter is that nobody, except participants, knew that the account, and especially that in the protocol this word was written on - Old English, but not in Latin was the cause of quarrel. Right after a consequence the queen ordered to hide this report, and it was found only in 1925. The actor William Shakespeare could not read him in any way.

So, Marlo`s death was at the same time both a performance, and ritual. Perhaps, for this reason the secret of a name of the original author remains secret to this day: having passed an initiation ceremony, Christopher Marlo actually died and became other personality. And his former personality together with a name was buried in a common grave in which dumped bodies of victims of plague.

Better to understand it, we will remember Marlo`s play Faust in which with a tremendous force internal fight between thirst of the secret knowledge giving strength and power, desire to test all terrestrial pleasures - and feeling of a chasm and spiritual death is described. Faust desperately rushes about between God and the Devil, hoping for rescue and rejecting it, and eventually makes the choice - he not in forces to refuse an ego and therefore loses soul.

The one who managed to describe it with such sincerity and passion had to pass through this terrible and painful fight. And while Christopher - Faust achieved knowledge, fame and the secret power, he appeared on hell threshold in image Star Chamber and devils in the person of the archbishop and his clique already prepared hooks and a rack. To be or not to be? To keep the personality and with her to step to this hell - or to lose her and to go to uncertainty?

And then he makes the new choice - to be exempted from doctor Faust. Like the master from a Sufi parable who palmed off to Iblis, the master of the dead, skillfully made doll instead of the living daughter - souls, he palms off on devils the former personality. Now he any more not Christopher Marlo - it is the wanderer with a new name, the new personality, new destiny who passed through death and revival. He is a clown deprived of civil rights - and the Great Master. And in exchange on the lost personality he received gift new, inaccessible before - to create the immortal temple of poetry which will live until stops last living on the earth and will endure all terrestrial masters, kings and tyrants.