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Doomsday? It is a holiday!

Israel. Doomsday (Yom Kipur) Easy confusion in soul - it is necessary to apologize to all relatives and to fast. All exchange wishes to receive good signature in heaven: in the Doomsday the Lord pronounces the sentence mortal and with own hand ratifies it. Expectation of it brings some solemnity: it is necessary to put on white clothes, to be cleared externally and internally. The destiny not only in this, but also in that life is decided!

In a picture of the Polish artist Mauritius Gottlieb - a synagogue in Yom Kipur. All characters are as if shipped in themselves, carry on inaudible conversation What they think of? What do they ask from heaven?

I look through mail. Opened the letter of one of my acquaintances. Also it turned out by itself that thanks to my correspondent Yom Kipur began a prayer which of the first is said in synagogues - Stake nidry (כ ל נ ד ר י ‎) .

Came the sun. Lit candles. And at once the mood exchanged. I do not know how to describe it: it became quieter, perhaps.

On the street silence: in all Israel the movement of the motor transport stops at 17 o`clock. There are no buses, there are no private traders, there is nobody. Streets are desert - there came the Doomsday (it will last to a decline of the next day). It is so silent that dins in the ears.

There passed several hours, and on streets the people appear. As on demonstrations - all go along roads. Any car, except police and ambulance. And these appear very seldom and move without sound signals!

And on streets - children on the transport: by bicycles, on skateboards, on electric cars The Doomsday for children is holiday of " bicycles; also it begins to Rosh and - Shana (the Jewish new year). And the matter is that on it is unknown when and as the been born tradition this day (at a total ban on traffic) can ride bicycles. So it is necessary to be prepared! Workshops on repair work with the increased loading: punctures should be stuck, fragmentary chains to replace, adjust wheels and brakes And sales of new bicycles these days sharply jump up up.

All roads belong to cyclists! We pass across places of a congestion of people, usual this day, - on circular outcomes. About some - crowd. Circles on roads turned into points of collecting protesters . The people gather in such quantity that meters for hundred the rumble of voices is heard!

Here all acquaintances meet: families which half a century live in the district, children who study at the same schools, kids who go to the same kindergartens Family holiday!

The girl sits on a border, examines ants who in inopportune hour (after a decline) go about the own business: They have today Yom Kipur too, all went outside!

There comes morning of the next day. Silent day, pure day. Pure also because almost all Jewish cars were left without the movement and as this day the post is recommended and it is impossible to do anything at all (more strict, than on usual Saturday) - there is practically no garbage in places of picnics.

And though I am a person the non-believer, Yom Kipur changes perception of the world. When you hear sounds of a shofar, you see the Jews going from synagogues - you feel some general unity!

Evening comes, the sun sets, and together with it the country comes back to a usual order: there is transport, shops, cafe, restaurants, theaters open, the Israeli television begins to work And so till the following Doomsday

P. S. Unfortunately, not everything in this world is as harmonious as it would be desirable. As one husband told (when asked for him money for the mother-in-law funeral): In each positive thing there are negative sides . The matter is that autumn holidays follow one by one: Rosh and - Shana, Yom Kipur, Sukkot. This month it was necessary 5 (five!) the days off, and at random, not in a row. For working povremenno it is the fifth part of monthly earnings! But what to do, it is so offered from above!