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To whom prescribe a canary?

will be A little people who though nearly - would nearly love dumb animals - whether it be a fluffy kitten, a faithful puppy, a cheerful popugaychik or silent small fishes. And it is not strange, near a canine friend to become more joyfully, more warmly at once, the mood is lightened, self-confidence increases, and you begin to look at life just more cheerfully. Salutary properties of animals were known to the person in ancient times, but gradually the science was forgotten about them, and various methods of treatment are transferred to a rank very nonconventional medicine. Especially as some reached us recipes to put it mildly, are scientifically not proved.

Nevertheless, in the 5th century BC Hippocrates prescribed wounded soldiers during recovery to ride as noticed that at the same time they recover quicker and they are visited less by melancholic thoughts. Ancient Egypt noticed medicinal properties of cats about 3000 years ago, in Greece for this purpose dogs were used. The Indian doctors prescribed the patients bird`s singing.

The official name this method, together with a second wind, received much later - in the second half of the 20th century. And the opening he is obliged as it often happens, to a happy occurence. One morning the American children`s psychiatrist Boris Levinson was engaged in the daily affairs. I diligent wrote, sitting at a desk, and Dzhingls, so called my dog, lay at me in legs. The call to a door was suddenly distributed. I never allowed it to be present at reception of patients, however this day nobody was written down for such early term. Extremely uneasy woman with the child " entered an office;. What was surprise of mother and skilled doctor when the boy against whose isolation several eminent experts could not win already, without having paid any attention to the owner, became cheerfully and without any fear to play with a Canis, beautiful Major. Such psychotherapy proceeded the whole hour and when time to leave, the boy whom get to talking at strangers before came it was almost impossible, itself addressed Levinson: And I can come to play once again with Dzhingls? The little patient came, played with a dog, and in passing talked to the doctor Here so Levinson had a new employee - a dog of Dzhingls (and later and the whole team - a cat and bright aquarian small fishes), and in an arsenal of physicians - once unfairly forgotten treatment method, an animaloterapiya. This term happens from Latin animal - the animal, and means the type of therapy using animals and their images for rendering the psychotherapeutic help. It appears, even drawings of animals, toys, fairy tale characters - animals, sounds of their voices can give help to people.

Today the animaloterapiya was recognized and successfully used in many countries, create the whole institutes for studying of salutary properties of our smaller brothers, hold conferences, first of which took place in 1982 in the USA. Do not avoid also the possible unpleasant moments that can arise during communication with animals (an allergy, parasites or simply doctor not in mood), try to minimize them.

In what a secret of quadrupeds (winged, having a tail) doctors? In this respect the set of theories moved forward, but any of them was not recognized as completely official. Many scientists consider that the electromagnetic radiation (which any living being has) some animals, interacting with the electromagnetic field of the person, begins to stimulate vital forces of an organism.

And here James Serpell from the Cambridge university considers that pets give to the person mainly emotional support which can be compared to professional psychotherapy. Even family people have moments when any meaning of life is lost, existence seems empty and gloomy, and the person to nobody necessary. And what then to tell about lonely or elderly people. And here the pet comes to the rescue. He demands to himself a little care and caress, but for it brings to the owner the sea of fun, pleasure and returns such important feeling necessity . And as Serpell, as well as many other scientists claims, the self-assessment of the person, his self-confidence, good health, ability to resist to vital difficulties directly depend on this feeling necessity . And as animals are able to listen! Without interrupting, without criticizing, without asking excess questions, without estimating. This quality is so appreciated in friends.

What animals can work as doctors? Pets (then such method is called not directed therapy) or specially training and " can be them; working according to ready programs animals (the directed therapy). Besides, the animaloterapiya is divided into types: hippotherapy, kanisterapiya, felinoterapiya and others. What or rather who is behind these terms?

Hippotherapy is a type of an animaloterapiya at which horses act as doctors.

Is wide its steel to use since the end 50 - x years mainly at mental and neurologic diseases. It is now proved that hippotherapy helps at atherosclerosis, poliomyelitis, zheludochno - intestinal diseases, prostatitis, treats violations oporno - the motive device, scoliosis, reduces a hyperactivity, with its help it is easier to overcome consequences cherepno - brain injuries, intellectual backwardness. Especially well it helps children with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis.

Kanisterapiya - a type of an animaloterapiya in which use dogs. The best friend of the person is capable to banish loneliness, to return self-confidence. There is a hypothesis that dogs pump up the person positive energy, and are as if eternal accumulators. In Los - Anzheles in 1990 it was revealed that elderly owners of dogs visit doctors less than their peers without animals, but conclusions of scientists were more skeptical: with a dog it is necessary to walk every day and under any weather conditions that positively influences health. But how was, here did not do without four-footed doctor. Dogs are registered at a neurasthenia, hysteria, a psikhasteniye and neurosises.

At a felinoterapiya medicine are cats. It is considered that they are capable to absorb negative energy. Cats feel in some way change of an energy potential in the owner`s organism which is followed by pain or an inflammation and, influencing the biofield, try to correct a situation. These independent animals treat articulate and headaches, inflammatory processes, reduce arterial pressure, nerves calm. Some scientists consider that (which frequency from 20 to 50 Hertz) the cat stimulates with purring regeneration processes.

There is still an apiotherapy - treatment by bee sting which is the powerful catalyst of physiological processes; dolphin therapy which helps to be restored after strong stressful situations facilitates a current of autism, cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, a Down syndrome. At an animaloterapiya use also many other animals. Aquarian small fishes help at neurodermatitises - they the smooth, fascinating movements calm, distract from a skin itch. And canaries are prescribed those who have migraines, depressions, it is confined to the bed.