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What porridge the most useful?

Recently at me with the colleague conversation on porridges incidentally came. As I was surprised when I heard that its kids do not perceive this dish in general. For this reason of porridge she never cooks and itself not especially them favors. It is clear, as not each adult eats any porridge with pleasure, but many give preference to the chosen grain and with pleasure regale on them for breakfast or an afternoon snack. And here so that in general never and any porridge . Freankly speaking, I faced it for the first time

it would Seem what can be simpler, than cook porridge? Poured water or milk, filled up from a grain package, prevented, added salt and sugar, waited and it is ready. Those who think quite so in my opinion, just and appear in a similar situation. The love to this most tasty dish is quickly replaced by indifference or hatred, and to cook custom for breakfast various useful squashes avoids their kitchen. Porridge, friends, it not only quickly, simply and tasty, but also the most important - is useful, and therefore haste here to anything, it is necessary to cook this dear dish with soul!

Our ancestors were a good judge of preparation of the most various porridges. In Russia they were cooked a huge set. The liquid porridges which were often replacing soups were held in special respect in Russia. Added fish, meat, peas, surely onions, greens and korenye to such gruels, filled them with fat or fat. Porridges - a gruel who most often prepared sweet also were held in special high esteem. Except sugar added treacle, honey, jam, dry or fresh fruit and berries to them.

The technology of preparation of porridge at our ancestors was always identical: grain was filled up in a clay pot (kashnik), filled in with water and steamed out in the furnace about 5 hours. To our measures it, of course, very long, but and porridge turned out notable The choosiest kid of the present definitely could not resist a plateau of such vkusnotishcha even.

By the way, quite recently the Canadian nutritionists after a series of experiments gave the accurate answer to a question what options of this dish are most useful. The best experts called buckwheat .

B to it the substances reducing sugar level in blood are. For those who decided to change the attitude towards the leader of this rating, further several useful remarks. So, buckwheat demands absolute technological discipline: the ratio of water and grain has to be 1:2 and in any way differently. Let water will boil minutes 5, then fire should be lowered, and at the end of cooking it has to be absolutely weak.

On the second place porridge appeared b> this peculiar scientific. It is slightly less curative, than buckwheat, but perfectly expels excess cholesterol. The similar fact was well acquired by British who made porridge the traditional breakfast for a long time. Nutritionists recommend porridge at liver diseases, diabetes, atherosclerosis etc. However, our ancestors knew all delights of oats too and prepared from it oat flour - flour which turned out after special processing of a kernel.

Oat flour was used for preparation of kissels and drinks. To them raised babies if mummy had no milk. And grew on it a miracle - a product the real Russian athletes

I, at last, on the lower step a pedestal - rice porridge , but only welded from long kernels . Round rice grains contain a lot of starch and oversaturate blood glucose. Similar shortcomings are attributed also to instant porridge and cream of wheat. Will not prevent to listen to conclusions of experts, but to give preference only to one buckwheat, according to experts, nevertheless is not necessary. The main thing, you remember that the portion of porridge should not fill a big soup plate, there is enough 100 - 150 grams, and still try to add as little as possible sugar.

Study, friends, it is correct to cook porridges, eat greedily them with pleasure and strong to you health!