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Whether there could ascend Ophelia to a throne?

Elizabeth called herself the queen - the virgin . Refusing numerous marriage offers, she emphasized that it is betrothed only with England . And when it became clear that it will have no children, sharply there was a question of a succession to the throne.

Elizabeth imposed the most strict ban on this subject. She refused to tell the name of the successor, being afraid that court will transfer to it the devotion, and even will accelerate her own death. But the closest circle of the queen knew that main applicants two: king of Scotland Jacob Stewart and princess Arabella Stewart .

Arabella was a daughter of the sister of the father Elizaveta Heinrich the Eighth who married the king of Scotland. In her veins flew blood and the Tudor dynasty, and Styuartov. As she was an orphan, it was brought to London where it was under careful and vigilant guardianship of the aunt of the countess of Shrewsbury. Lord Barli carrying among other titles, a rank " became her official trustee; Main trustee .

Arabella, however, not too approached a role of future queen. The fragile and romantic girl, she liked to walk in a garden and to admire flowers. She collected medicative herbs and prepared from them infusions. And when as the teacher Barli appointed by it the brilliant poet and the scientist Christopher Marlo, Arabella was the grateful schoolgirl.

Marlo was her mentor three years. During this time it trained it in versification and languages. She studied not only Latin, but also Greek and Hebrew, in the original read Ovidiya, Homer and Bibliyu. Later, at one of the most sad moments of the life, she will write down in the diary the quote from Lukan`s book translated to Marlo - about the won soldiers who preferred death to shameful captivity. And then will compose the fine poem about the favourite flowers.

Three years later Marlo was suddenly dismissed by Arabella`s aunt. In the letter the countess explained to lord Barli that they could not settle financial questions. Whether it was the true cause or only a pretext - it is unknown, as well as of whether arose between the teacher and the schoolgirl of more close relations, than it was perhaps in their family way.

In the play Polonius warns Ophelia against Hamlet`s love because he is a prince, and she is a commoner. In life everything was on the contrary - Arabella was a princess, and her mentor - the commoner. Marriage between them was inconceivable under no circumstances. After separation from Arabella Barli Marlo charged negotiations with the prince of Parma on a possibility of their wedding. Whether the violent anger of Hamlet against Ophelia and Polonius is explained by it? Perhaps, Marlo considered as treachery and cowardice from Arabella her lack of will and readiness to be a toy in hands of the prudent trustee.

Arabella remained one again, feeling as a pawn in a game of politics. In the diary she addressed the unknown beloved - whether real, whether fictional: Oh, friend my, my dear! Where you?

The only loved one who was brightening up her loneliness was the columns Essex. It too in the childhood lost parents and became the official pupil of lord Barli. Therefore Essex and Arabella felt as the brother and the sister. The queen`s favourite, Essex often visited Arabella, risking to draw upon himself Elizabeth`s anger. And Arabella appreciated his friendship and loved as the brother.

In Hamlet Laertes mourns Ophelia`s death. In life everything was on the contrary - Essex lifted mutiny against Elizabeth and was executed, and Arabella wrote down sad words about death of the best friend and about the intolerable loneliness in the diary.

Every year to the princess it became worse. It began attacks of a mental disorder. She wrote Elizabeth mad letters, similar to Ophelia`s speeches, asked it about a meeting from which that evaded. In incoherent words of the princess often sliped mentions of some far beloved - whether live, whether died.

And Barli considered as more perspective candidate of Jacob Stewart meanwhile and switched to him attention and efforts. And when after Elizabeth`s death the new king ascended to a throne, Arabella`s position became even worse - Jacob could not forget that the cousin was his competitor, and was afraid of plot from her party. Therefore he strengthened supervision and watched its slightest step, categorically stopping any attempts to enter into the romantic relations. Who knows, suddenly future husband of Arabella will be more resolute and enterprising, than she?

Arabella was already for thirty when she at last decided on revolt. Having entered secret marriage with William Seymour attracted with brilliant prospect to become the husband of the successor of the Tudor dynasty and Styuartov she tried to run with it at dark night, having crossed Lamansh. However escape was found and Arabella is seized. Her husband managed to escape, and it was arrested and thrown into the Tower.

In prison Arabella fell into despair, refused food, almost did not sleep and showed all signs of madness. In a year she died. Suspected that she took the own life, like the soldiers from Lukan`s book who chose death instead of shameful captivity. The unaccomplished queen of England was buried at night, secretly, almost without burial service as possible the suicide. Her husband not for long grieved and soon entered new marriage...

When it was written Hamlet Arabella was living and lived 13 more years. Whether Marlo had a presentiment of its tragic fate? Or he remembered another to the suicide? His beloved sister Jane in the childhood was raped by the uncle. Them hastily married, and in half a year she prematurely gave birth to the dead child. It demented her, and she plunged into the water. Having learned about it, Marlo arrived home and did not appear at university nearly half a year. Perhaps, Arabella and Jane something were similar.

On a tragic twist of fate, in participation in escape and to plot Arabella the close friend Marlo and his colleague on " was accused; To School of night - famous soldier, seafarer and poet sir Walter Raleigh . The courageous and faithful knight who in due time got to disgrace from - for fidelity of the beloved and the given ship full of gold, for the right to call her the wife, it always remained on the party of love and freedom.

He spent in the Tower many years, but, unlike the unfortunate princess, did not fall neither into madness, nor into despair. He wrote books and put alchemical experiences together with the friend and the colleague on To School of night count Northumberland, wise man and visionary by nickname Wise count . In many years the king suggested Raleigh to head dangerous and risky expedition to America, having promised him life and freedom at any result of expedition - successful or unsuccessful.

Raleigh agreed and took in expedition of the son. However the artful king who ruthlessly dealt shortly with the defenseless cousin was not going to leave Raleigh in live at all. Having perfidiously warned the worst enemies of England - Spaniards - about Raleigh`s plans, he actually doomed him to death. Raleigh escaped by miracle, and his son died. Friends warned Raleigh that he should not come back to England because the king already signed to it a sentence, having broken the oath. However the gray-haired soldier with contempt refused flight, having told that he prefers death to wanderings and life in the foreign land. He returned to England and was executed.

So ruthlessly Jacob dealt shortly with the last knights Golden Age . He died in the bed, and payment overtook his son Karl the First who died on an executioner`s block. Long saved anger against tyranny and an arbitrariness Styuartov broke and swept away a dynasty.

Perhaps, smart Polonius - Barli miscalculated, having relied on Jacob. However, finesse often happens blindly and is limited - it does not replace either wisdom, or mercy. Who knows - can be if Arabella, a dynasty Styuartov of the rule England became the queen to this day.

But history, as we know, does not know, a subjunctive mood.