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What fish bears a name of the emperor?

still the earth did not become scanty No, the earth - that, maybe, also became scanty a little, but here water open spaces continue to strike us with abundance and a variety of living.

There are beings, having seen whom, it is possible to be frightened to a small opposite shiver. But often it approaches under a case on the person awful, kind inside . It concerns also to fish - Napoleon , nicknamed so from - for the outgrowth reminding the well-known cocked hat.

Other name of this fish - guban (if - it is difficult to call vpolgolova lips still somehow). The Latin name - of Cheilinus undulatus , English - of Napoleonfish . Gubanov is several hundreds of types, they are found in the Red Sea, Quiet and Indian oceans.

Often also quite large ekzemplyarchik - such two-meter individuals weighing under 200 kilograms meet. Therefore also shiver: fish can be larger than time in two the person, a look wild and a predator - the meat eater with powerful jaws. Wishes to regale on sea hedgehogs and even crabs.

And here with people - quiet. Even cases nearly friendly " are known; relations between fish and divers. On legends of divers, it in general differs in strange friendliness to the person. Nearly poses and it is fed from human hands, preferring hard boiled eggs.

But not it is the most interesting in the gubena. And even not a night dream (not to fall prey, it should bury in sand, to shroud itself in slime - generally, the night dream costs much). And here the fact that fish should change a floor - it is serious.

Napoleon is born a female (the gonad functions as female), and then it is necessary to undertake also purely man`s duties: to build a nest for caviar, to protect posterity. And already guban - the male, and with sex change changes the size towards increase and coloring, the hump grows (it is called the protoginichesky hermaphrodite).

Gubanov is a lot of still so far. But, unfortunately, they - a delicacy. Especially their lips. However, very expensive delicacy (speak, 40000 dollars - entirely for fish, about 300 dollars - for a dish) and it is possible to try it only at Asian restaurants. But demand grows. Mainly because, that meat is considered aphrodisiac. It would seem, in Asia with birth rate everything is all right, but why just in case and small fishes not to eat?

So fish - Napoleon can disappear, only large individuals - that is males get out for catching, and small samochka are not able to protect themselves, not to mention reproduction. Here also it turns out that this unique fish nevertheless can appear on the verge of destruction: hunters poison it with cyanide, destroying at the same time and corals in which the victim hides.

And there lives a fish - Napoleon - in efforts, works and self-transformations. The more friendly - the more tasty. Whether well it is offensive?

P. S. On a photo (author`s) - yet most mature and not the largest small fishes. They will grow up in monsters with expressive eyes soon and is indulgent - the good-natured relation to other monster - to the person. Which that will feed up and will photograph with admiration, will start up cyanide in eyes and the chief - to the cook of expensive restaurant exhaling pungent smells will sell.