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What to do if overtaking is begun on faltering, and it is finished on continuous?

Very often happen so that, having begun overtaking on the resolved dash line of a marking 1. 5, suddenly you notice what should or be braked urgently, being on counter and to be reconstructed back in the row, or to finish overtaking maneuver, but to finish already on the continuous line of a marking 1. 1.

We will assume that there was the most terrible - all of you - did not manage to finish maneuver on faltering and, having finished it already on continuous and having returned on the strip, were stopped by the traffic police officer. So, the violation of traffic regulations involving according to article 12 is imputed to you. The 15th part 4, deprivation of the right of management for a period of 4 till 6 months.

You do not hurry to sign something and to offer explanations - let the inspector makes papers which he considers it necessary to make, and you be engaged in studying of a road situation. It is important to make it at once, especially in case of violation on the route as otherwise you should come back to this place, and it can be from your place of residence very much and very far.

In - the first, take pictures of this site . The photo on the mobile phone has enough. All has to come into the view of a lens of a chamber: road, marking, signs, car of traffic police, your car. Take yourself for the rule - to photograph everything. Do not forget to take the picture in which the beginning of the continuous line of a marking will be duplicated by a sign 3. 20 Overtaking is forbidden .

In - the second, a marking 1. 1 (continuous) the marking 1 always precedes. 6, located between 1. 1. and 1. 5 (faltering) and pointing that that continuous will also begin soon. On the basis of GOST 52289 - 2004 between faltering (1. 5) and continuous (1. 1) not less than 100 meters of a marking " have to be lines of a marking out of the settlement; approach to the continuous " line; (1. 6), and in the settlement - 50 meters.

Certainly, with a roulette it is not necessary to go. To calculate extent, it is enough to measure 2 sizes: length of one line 1. 6 and distance between lines. Further it is enough to put the turned-out distances and to receive the extent of a marking 1. 6. If it less than 100 or 50 meters respectively, then this basis for the accurate and unambiguous statement - violation of requirements of GOST, respectively, on impossibility to finish the begun maneuver. According to traffic regulations, you, having estimated a situation, began safe maneuver and intended to finish it, however violation of traffic regulations was a compulsory measure.

In - the third, accurately establish the place of commission of a responsible offense and, respectively, the place of drawing a marking. Find the next kilometer column and determine by steps what marking on what site - the inspector will not specify in a being of violation that you began overtaking on the resolved site and finished in the place where it is forbidden to traffic regulations. In the protocol you will see a hackneyed phrase: Made overtaking with departure on a strip of oncoming traffic .

In - the fourth, do not specify in the protocol you agree with violation or not , do not write how you came around on continuous and how many went on counter, and reflect all measurements made by you and specify about existence of photos.

At first sight, performance of four of these councils requires a lot of time and forces, but it not so. All this will take at most 20 minutes. According to our practice, such eagerness of the driver says about his legal literacy that in itself - and release a rarity therefore many inspectors prefer not to communicate with the words do not break " any more;. Besides 20 in addition spent minutes, it will allow you to keep the driver`s license.

But what to do if everything corresponds to GOST and it is simple to carp there is nothing? In that case needs to be remembered pct 11. 4 traffic regulations, obliging the driver to return on the strip after overtaking commission. There are no references to a marking in this point of rules, therefore, return which you carried out as a compulsory measure on continuous, corresponded to traffic safety and traffic regulations.

In this case on the basis of Art. 2. 1 Administrative Code the person is found guilty of commission of an administrative offense if it is established that it had an opportunity for observance of rules and norms for which violation the present Code or laws of the subject of the Russian Federation provided administrative responsibility, but this person did not take all measures for their observance depending on it .

Besides observance of pct 11 by you. 4, you in the case described above acted according to the requirement of pct 10. 5 traffic regulations. Everything that you could make for return on the strip, it to apply emergency brake application and, at worst, to put, let us assume, in the going column of cars, than would create an emergency and public danger.

Under article 12. 15. 4 Administrative Code you can be also attracted, if you finished maneuver of overtaking in an area of coverage of a road sign 3. 20 Overtaking is forbidden . the protection Position in that case will be identical described above, except for one additional nuance. Sign 3. 20 forbids overtaking of all vehicles, but implies the beginning of commission of such maneuver, but not its process or end. Especially as sign 3. 20 it can simply be not visible, for example, from - for the truck which overtaking was made.

Before commission of maneuver be always convinced of its safety and impossibility of interpretation by the staff of traffic police in own favor. Good luck on roads!