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Whether to agree to a felting?

If suddenly to you someone suggests to be engaged in a felting - safely agree!

In - the first, it is absolutely safe.

In - the second, it is extremely fascinating.

In - the third, will remain long memory.

For the correct organization of a felting, that is a fulling, you will need wool (you will drag it), water, soap, mesh fabric and a waterproof basis.

Why wool? Because it possesses unique quality, a svoylachivayemost. wool blanket Scales under the influence of external factors (temperature drop and humidity, mechanical influences) form unique material - felt from which needlewomen create valyalka - various products from felt, from footwear and clothes to accessories, toys, bags, vases, pictures etc. of

For receiving valyalok it is necessary to lay out wool threads on a waterproof basis (better to buy wool in specialized amateur shop). Layers spread perpendicularly each other, cover with a grid, moisten with hot soap solution and begin to drag, that is to rub hands (in gloves).

Procedure is repeated several times, the pellets appearing in process are carefully removed. It is necessary to consider that wool in the course of a fulling gives strong shrinkage therefore be ready to strong reduction valyalka in a size and volume.

For receiving a plain surface follows slightly to popressovat future product. Here you will be come to the rescue irreplaceable and all by a favourite rolling pin or even a construction polyurethane grater. Further the product should be washed out for removal of soap and to dry. In certain cases skilled needlewomen advise not to wash away soap. For example, at production of decorative flowers when it is required to give to a finished product a certain rigidity, soap is not washed away and try to dry a product in the form of a flower at once. Now felt fabric is ready, from it it is possible to find various details and to create jewelry.

With pictures it is harder and harder, in this case the product is formed already in the course of a fulling therefore most often they remind works of an era of a late expressionism with echoes of primitivism and abstraction. However, it only first. Having mastered equipment and having adapted to behavior of wool which persistently does not wish to roll by rules, and in a literal sense rolls anyhow it is possible to learn to create fine works which will decorate any house. The main complexity consists in competent distribution of threads for receiving color transitions that is not trivial at all. Therefore the beginning scientists apply a one-color fulling more often.

Interesting is of the technician of a fulling on a balloon, allowing to create round valyalka . Process corresponds to the aforesaid, only the product is dried directly on a ball then the ball is pierced and carefully taken. By the way, by such principle create wonderful valyany busik which very originally look on knitted products and ethnic suits.

One more interesting equipment is dry fulling or filtsevany , ideal for production of toys - filchat . Here already special needles with jags also the volume, not twisted wool will be required. Preparation is made of foam rubber (for example, the snail with a sink will be from two preparations: sink and a snail). Then on it wool keeps within and begins actually filtsevany: the needle plunges inside and is removed outside, confusing fibers.

In process it is necessary to use several needles: thick for the main fulling and thin - for alignment and a vyglazhivaniye of a surface. It is necessary to Filtsevat until the volume of preparation decreases by 1,5 times. Having received all parts of future toy, they are connected and decorated. As a result it turns out here such filchonok .

Now you also see that a felting - not only the interesting and fascinating occupation but also extremely useful. Having mastered cunnings and nuances of creation valyalok you once and for all will answer eternally tormenting question What to present? .

Nevertheless the gift which is made with own hands is appreciated most of all, and another anybody will not have it. Moreover, it will keep heat and care of your hands, so tremblingly and gently dragging, pressing and drying a gift. And, undoubtedly, will fill any house with a unique cosiness and will create the atmosphere of expectation of happiness which, as we know, is much stronger than happiness.