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Distance learning. For or against?

you will surprise nobody with such type of training Today. Did not take similar courses only greedy or lazy. The Internet suggests to be trained today, without leaving the house, the mass of new specialties. It is possible to get classical education and to expand the opportunities by means of various optional programmes.

You will teach to count correctly money and will prompt as to earn them. You will be able to plunge into the world of unknown, having completed courses on the hair dryer - Shui or ufologies. You will teach to be in charge of housekeeping and will realize creative potential. On each of courses the best teachers will move to sources of knowledge. There would be a desire and opportunities. And not so much financial. As a rule, such training costs not really much. The main thing - to find time and desire to learn something new, to learn in life something else.

Distance learning has both the undoubted pluses, and reefs as any other type of training. Pluses - the low cost of a course, individual occupations, the dosed receiving a course parts, correction of material under each student. The individual mode is developed, the schedule of training can change depending on rate of perception of information and employment of the student.

Students have different levels of initial preparation, speed of perception of information and different desirable forms of perception. To someone enough basic knowledge, and the person with inquisitive mind wants to study a subject more deeply. For someone it is important to obtain information it is structured, and someone will understand nothing from a new task. The teacher should not send all identical cases of a course, with typical exercises.

In my remote trainings I faced that, beginning a course at the same time, someone became an outsider on the first occupation, and someone got into the lead and filled up me all with new and new questions.

Plus distance learning is that usually such courses are made by authors, trainers get carefully out and structured international experience in this area. Work is very difficult. Present that for several occupations you have to give the accurate picture of understanding of a subject, push the student to further training in the chosen subject. In a condensed form to give bases of the studied subject about which the whole libraries are written. Question not of one day. Such courses register for months, are fulfilled in group of volunteers and only then are offered for sale as goods.

Huge advantage of such type of training is that each student has an opportunity constantly to be in touch with the teacher. Any consultation is at the rate quite pertinent and possible. It makes a reservation at the conclusion of the contract of training. Are for this purpose used also online - conferences, both chats, and instant messengers, and e-mail, and telephone negotiations. Any problem is quickly solved with the help of modern means of communication. Whether it is possible even at full-time courses? Whether you will be able to ask all questions interesting you to the teacher who has an accurate schedule of lectures and seminars and, except you, one hundred more same inquisitive minds?

At distance learning the teacher and the student interact as in parallel (at communication online), and is consecutive (when the pupil independently performs homework). It is possible to unite students in groups and to give classes within the closed forums. Quite so I also passed the main trainings. Itself I practice only individual occupations as I consider that it is so more convenient for each listener.

Each remote course - a product dynamic. Constantly supplemented and changing. Life dictates. And there can be the first reef . Teachers - the people conservative. Once having written a course, they do not want to reconsider it and to supplement. Therefore dispatch usually under a carbon paper . I got to such trap once. My teacher was staunch. Questions at me was much, she could not answer a half of them. And nevertheless, I am very grateful to it, it opened for me a door in this science unknown to me and gave magic pendel . Further I began to study a subject independently. For this open door to it many thanks!

Minus such training - prolixity in time. Constantly it is necessary to remind especially lazy pupils that it would be time to send the next part of the performed tasks for check. It tightens training. Some students consider that, time they paid for a course, - put them, to pass it or not! Therefore before a new course I with each listener carry out diagnostics. I reveal its weak places and strengths. It gives me the chance to predict our further relations in training and to develop the individual program for development of weaknesses of his personality. Each student receives, thus, bonus programs. I carry usually out it in the form of business game or amusing exercises which, nevertheless, set thinking and develop new skills.

Before training we always set the purpose. Seemingly so simply - why you bought this course? But it appears, not everyone can answer this simple question. We develop motivation. Sometimes there are incidents. One my listener did not send week the answer to the next task. I contact it, I am interested in what business. It appears, at it the most powerful reflection went to one harmless task. It even at first fell into despair. Began to sort a problem and came to such boundaries! Legs grew from the childhood, as well as all our internal conflicts most often. Worked, solved a problem together. Availability comprehends science further

, originality and prospects of modern techniques of training already puts remote courses in one row with classical supply of material. Form of education is perspective and has the right for existence, without replacing, and supplementing with itself classical education.

Going will master the road