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From where legs at the nurse Wicky, or History of a popular sitcom

Hamlet grow:

... They so moved and howled that took an astonishment what the time-worker of the nature made people, and it is besides so unimportant, terrible mankind before.

First actor:

I Hope, at myself, the prince, we as could, eliminated it.

Hamlet: Eliminate

absolutely. And forbid to say to players of fools more, than for them it is written. Some reach that laugh loudly, for amusement of the worst part of public, at some moment essential to the play course. It is inadmissible and shows what cheap vanity at such jokers.

William Shakespeare. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (the act 3 - y, a scene 2 - I).

Very long ago I was going to splash out all storm of the impressions which gushed over me From that day as, had imprudence incidentally to glance in the TV on which showed series American nurse ( The Nanny ) . I - that, in the innocence, could not rejoice on a domestic clone of this masterpiece American (as it became clear) thoughts in which Nastya Zavorotnyuk showed all power of the actor`s talent. Here - I thought, - and Russians learned to do light and ridiculous comedy films, and that a continuous dostoyevshchina and reasonings on destinies of the people .

Struck me not so much the fact of loan, how many scrupulousness with which domestic cinematographers approached copying (to call it retelling language does not turn). In those several series that I saw, all subject line repeats one in one. Actually changed only scenery.

No, I do not say that to make a copy of someone else`s movies, to rehash someone else`s songs and to rewrite someone else`s books - badly. God save us! We live during an era of the developed postmodernism and to try to run away from this fact is not necessary. Understand me correctly. That culturally - emotional shock which I felt is connected only with the fact that I - that in all seriousness believed that Russians shot such plan series. At the level with Alf . ( Alpha I always considered as a masterpiece.) And it turned out that that The Nanny in the American ratings after Alpha takes the second place. I.e. on the one hand everything as if fell into place, but with another, it is already impossible to be glad for the fact that we made Americans in their genre.

And still, My great nurse - it is a masterpiece. While series completely tore off, heroes and events are so organically perceived, in the atmosphere of modern Russian reality (is much more organic, than in the primary source) that even somehow is not believed that wrote the scenario and Americans put it, so unloved (recently) all. It turns out that all - at us with them much in common.

My great nurse it is removed based on the American sitcom (for the first time got acquainted with this word when read interview of creators of the Russian Nurses ) . The Nanny left in the USA from 1993 to 1999. I, frankly speaking, did not believe. Perhaps, from - that is enclosed in the American version of money 10 times less (there is such impression), maybe, for other any reasons (I do not know), but it seemed to me that events in the original version take place years so in 80 - x.

Especially mistrust to an objective statement the Internet - resources of the facts on this subject amplified after some clever men began to declare that Anastasia Zavorotnyuk also is externally similar on American (generally she is half the Russian Jew, half the Italian) nurse . Only the person who never saw this Fran Drescher can believe in it (external similarity of two nurses, of course, but not in a nationality of the American nurse). (Zavorotnyuk - that all saw). I, maybe, to Ina knew what is a sitcom, but that in two photos attached to this text two women not similar at each other - claim with full confidence. As they say, find 1577 differences. Well, or at least 2 similarities. (Belonging to a female and to a TV series about the nurse - is not counted).

By the way, sitcom - it is a situation comedy. (The main identification mark of a sitcom - offscreen laughter). As read, at once remembered Shakespeare and felt the erudite. Yes, for this reason epigraph such. No, not in order that all understood what I read Shakespeare and that credulous readers did not trust those articles on the Internet in which it is claimed that sitcom Americans thought up. Already these fighters for democracy like everything to attribute to themselves (collapse of the USSR, a victory in World War II, well etc.) .

Alexander Akopov`s team which realized the Russian " option; Great nurse solved (well or who there at them solves everything?) removed six seasons of series. (American The Nanny there were five seasons).

Read interview from the Russian`s creators Nurses . Interesting it seemed to me that, according to them, they had rather ample opportunities to recede from a primary source plot, but such opportunity consciously was not used. Did not want, you see the Russian technologists from factory on production of dreams to risk. And apparently, not for nothing. Following the results of research holding ROMIR Monitoring which by request of the International Talent Agency company made a rating of the actresses who are most loved to Russians Anastasia Zavorotnyuk occupied 3 - e the place, having gained 15%. And in the Moscow rating which differs from All-Russian a little, - 1 - e the place.

Here, in general, and all. On myself I know, there is a painful impression if the author in article does not answer the main question of article which puts heading. Some uncertainty, I would tell, remains. But in ours - that a case, I hope, everything is clear?

What - that - that - that?! From where there legs at Victoria Prutkovskaya grow? From America?!! Yes god with you! From what America?! No, of course not! Look at any series of series My great nurse and all you will understand. Absolutely dull can pass into my blog. There and legs and from where grow, - all is very well visible.