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Why eReaders are necessary? For and once again for

Ya do not think that the century of paper books passed. In total - it is so pleasant: to sit down in the evening in a chair, to pour a cup of coffee, to open the book. To rustle with pages. To inhale a smell of typographical paint (do not laugh, someone and it loves).

But in some moments of life the eReader is more convenient and more pleasant. (I mean the small thingummy intended for reading books, but not software. Both that, and another is often called eReaders or readers.) I will try to list advantages (using the generalized image of the eReader though I will be based on concrete devices: Sony eReader, Ectaco jetBook, Amazon Kindle, lBook eReader).

Advantages before paper book:

1. Takes not enough place. Honestly, very little. Gets into a female handbag or into a jacket pocket. The size of eReaders fluctuates from 1015 to 1419 cm

of 2. Weighs a little - 200 - 300

of 3. It is not rumpled and is not soiled. But breaks! - pessimists will tell. And, alas, will be right.

4. Contains in itself MANY books. Memory size in readers - both external, and internal together - from 2 to 4 GB. How many books will get into this volume - a format question, but anyway it is more, than in a bag. If to consider what the majority of eReaders understand *. txt - and at all an infinite number not to read so much.

5. Cheap. you will not call the device cheap - there is it from 250 to 400 c.u. And here books for it can be downloaded from the Internet. Free of charge. Or you observe the copyright law and do nothing of that kind? It seems, I do not trust you.

And if it is absolutely honest, copyright of the book works 50 years from the date of its edition - and it means that the books published slightly more than half a century back, it is possible to download quite lawfully!

Pluses in comparison with the laptop

6. Special screen. it is good to Read books with ZhK - the monitor, of course... but not really: eyes are tired. In modern readers the screen is made on the basis of the eInk technology - electronic ink, it less contrast, does not shine and does not glare - to eyes from it well. Some producers (we will not point a finger, but it is Ektako) showed off and delivered to TFT - however, it is quite good too. However, meanwhile they have at all a common fault: the screen it is black - white. And if you got used to read books with pictures - this pleasure of life not for you.

7. The software developed especially for reading. As, you already oblazat all Internet and downloaded the kraknuty version ON for reading books on the laptop? And it is awfully convenient to it to use? Well, on taste, for the color...

Here, of course, it is possible to add the section about the size of a device which, generally, eclipses these both advantages. But about it it was already written.

Pluses in comparison with a PDA

8. Special interface. At eReaders a heap of the buttons intended especially for browsing of pages. And there are practically no superfluous. As far as they convenient - well it to whom as, but the fact remains: they were developed so that it was convenient to read, put bookmarks and to leaf through pages.

9. Quality of the screen. Often mistakenly consider that the screen at pocket computers same, as at readers. Here not, at packages, palm and smartphones - color TFT - the display.

10. Screen size. Here pocket computers obviously lose. The screen size at them - from 2,8 to 4 inches, permission, respectively - 480x640 at the most advanced, and is more often - 280360. And eReaders - 5 - 6 inches, 800600 points - quite human permission, until recently at ordinary computers had it.

11. Number of books. At the similar total amount - well how many books you will push in a PDA? There still programs need to be put, files necessary to put, time - two - and places will not remain. And in the eReader there will be only books - so, they will appear many times more.

Producers of eReaders prefer to compare the devices not to electronic analogs, and to paper books. Because, despite all pluses, a question of need of the eReader - dialectic. Everything depends on as far as you like to read as far as to you your eyes are expensive, and, above all - whether it is convenient to you to divide small pocket devices or to unite them in one. Now many have a camera, phone, a MP3 - a player and a PDA - though they obviously duplicate functions of each other. Perhaps, after a while the list of these not vital, but such pleasant devices will include also electronic reader or simply - the eReader.