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How many books will be located in a suitcase? About advantage of the " equipment

; Enough! I with a frying pan worked all year for you, and now I want to the resort! To have a rest! - which of us is not ready to repeat these words after the uncle Fedor`s mother from the cult animated film ( Prostokvashino if suddenly who is not aware). In an animated cartoon the problem is solved simply: gathered - went. You to look for the permit, to beat out holiday.

Personally the stupor causes already process of collecting in me. Even if to take only necessary. Even if to make the list. All the same - a half does not get.

And this time. Was going to Paris, dream of youth, it is possible to tell. Not that the resort, but it is close to that. Evening dresses got surprisingly quickly, on a surface there were only two dictionaries: russko - French and frantsuzsko - Russian, respectively. And several small volumes of Balzac.

Generally I not bad know English. And here I do not know French absolutely, thanks and sorry it is not considered. And the aunts who recently went to France told that at all restaurants brought them chicken with potato. In response to the English speech waiters silly smile and tynut in the menu. Like, what was ordered, brought.

Waiters, of course, swine. But I love restaurants. And even wanted to try snails. Therefore without dictionary well it is impossible for me in any way. After fruitless attempts to upikhat dictionaries in a suitcase I began to call the best friend.

- Why to you second suitcase? - the curious girlfriend asked, - and consider, depends on the correct answer, I will be dragged with it to you or not.

- Well, my dictionaries do not get, to me with them to go to restaurants, and I want to esteem Balzac - I it seems loved him, and he is Frenchman...

The girlfriend arrived. Without suitcase. Has a look at my pile of books, sighed a little - and pulled out from a handbag two small devices - one red, and another black.

- On, from heart I tear off, do not lose only.

I estimated her generosity already in Paris. The black device was the translator, with russko - the French dictionary and a phrasebook. And red - with the ridiculous name Dzhetbuk - eReader. Into which the girlfriend providently loaded Balzac and still a couple of the French authors. The translator was excellent piece: getting it at restaurants, cafes, the subway and in other places of the city of Paris, I thought more than once of how I silly would look with the dictionary. And that just would be too lazy to drag it. And so I at least understood that signs on houses say. The phrasebook in general was a thing invaluable: not that I could speak with its help, but it was always possible to find the necessary phrase in advance and to stick into it with a nose of the waiter or porter in hotel. And they precisely understood that it is necessary for me!

Besides, the translator caused respect. Can because high technologies, and can from - for the fact that French adore the language and considered that I thus try to study it. Generally, I had no problems and even if by means of a phrasebook it was not possible to speak, after five - six phrases my interlocutors passed to English.

With the eReader history left ridiculous at all. After the first two lines I found out that I do not love Balzac at all. And to read in French even by means of the dictionary somehow it is sad. But in the red electronic book I found a heap of favourite dyudik. Besides, the neigbour on the plane was lop-sided on my device with obvious envy - a trifle, and it is pleasant.

Probably, the trip and without electronic features would pass perfectly well . But upon return I all - bought Dzhetbuk. Not red, however, and white, I love not really red color. Very much it is convenient to read in the subway.

Actually, eReaders on light much - such monsters as Sawney and Samsung have them, is less known - LBook, for example. I bought what I got used to - and options - that weight.

The morals of this fable is as follows: appear, there is on light a heap of electronic features which many consider unnecessary. It would seem, you have a computer - why something else to buy? But I precisely know that I even with myself would not drag the laptop in a trip. Not to mention books. Also it is not excluded that if Prostokvashino drew now, mother Fedor`s uncle would put in a suitcase four evening dresses, the electronic translator and the eReader.