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What tell children`s drawings about? Quite often fathers and mothers with affection watch

how their small children draw. These scribbles appear everywhere! And not only in the bought album, but also on wall-paper, and on cases. In a word, everywhere, where the child will be able to reach. Joyful parents collect masterpieces children, pieces of walls with wall-paper cut out, without feeling sorry for either a decor, or own forces. But the few at the same time think of value of children`s drawing.

If the child does not talk yet, but already strenuously draws, these pictures will be able to tell about the kid very much and a lot of things. Psychologists recommend to look narrowly at drawings of children. It is possible to determine by a children`s scribble at what level of development there is a child and as he feels the world.

For example, the child begins to draw mountains, triangular hands and legs and just corners. Well that here it? - parents will ask. And it can mean that at it teeth begin to be cut.

Or the kid strenuously draws the huge head on thin schematical legs. It appears the matter is that when the child absolutely small, whole world exists only in his head. It does not attach significance to the fact that it has a body and not really - that understands why it is necessary. All - all - all and feels that he sees, occurs in the head! And only when the child begins to perceive the body consciously, body proportions in drawings begin to be leveled, the portrayal of a proportional trunk with a thorax, volume hands and legs appears.

The child usually draws little men who consist of sticks - legs, hyphens - handles and two ovals designating the head and a trunk at four-year age. The next year eyes, and by six years - a nose, a mouth and fingers are added. And to seven such details as a neck, hair and even hints on clothes begin to appear. On that, these details how exactly look, it is worth paying special attention, it will tell you about an inner world of the kid.

So, psychologists connect a head portrayal with spheres of imagination and intelligence. If the head is drawn small, so the child worries about the intellectual inadequacy. It not such as adults. Not so speaks, at it not everything turns out. The indistinct image of the head says that your child is timid and shy.

Can tell shoulders of the drawn character about much, their sizes are a sign of physical force and desire of the power. Too large shoulders reflect awareness of the importance, and small, on the contrary, - negligibility, and it is not obligatory only physically. If the child is excessively careful or something disturbs him, he will draw shoulders angular.

The analysis of the image of the person is very interesting. Eyes, ears, a mouth, a nose - all these bodies point to the relations to people around. Well allocated, worked face means strong concern in the relations with other people and the appearance. An underlined chin - need for domination, too large chin - aspiration to somehow compensate the felt weakness and indecision.

You want to learn how the child reacts to criticism? Then pay attention to ears, they can tell about it. Large or underlined ears are drawn by the children especially sensitive to criticism whereas small ears or their absence are shown by aspiration not to perceive any criticism, to muffle it. The mouth shows aggression degree. A special sign of aggression - accurately drawn teeth, and clownish the mouth means the compelled affability and insincere feelings.

Thus, a children`s scribble has to turn for the parent from a trifle into an important point of the analysis of features of the identity of the child and the choice of effective approach to his education. But, raising children, do not forget also about yourself as also you in the sketches involuntarily sometimes give all most hidden. About what you worry, but you cannot put into words. Having read this article, many will look at personal and others` drawings in a new way.

Success in this interesting business!