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Whether it is possible, working with a hammer, to create the fine car?

In the night of October 12, 1868, 140 years ago, in a family of the German smith Horkh whose family hardly - hardly made ends meet, the boy was born. The son was named Augustus, even without assuming that in the future he also really will become an emperor - the emperor of automobile business

But before was still oh how far. Paid workers kopeks, and the smith`s family not so seldom went to bed hungry. Of course, it was pleasant to Augustus and there was a wish to study, but in 13 years the boy had to throw school and to get various job to bring to the house at least a little money. Began, as well as many boys, the messenger of newspapers, the seller of small goods and when he was 16 years old, Augustus came to plant to the father - a sledge hammer flattened steel bandages on wheels.

Saving each pfennig, it is possible to reach much

This operation turned out at it very well, and therefore years through four, having saved a money, the guy came to Saxon engineering school where very much fell in love such unpleasant (for lyric poets) and laborious (for physicists) a subject as drawing. It very much liked to draw everything to the last smallest detail that will play further the positive service.

After the termination of school Augustus gets a job at first on foundry, and then in design office of shipbuilding company in Leipzig. Its task includes development of engines for river crafts. The young engineer attentively looks narrowly at work of skilled masters, noticing subtleties. And though work, at first sight, seems routine, but it finds in it the delights. Important detail: it is almost impossible to invent something at unloved work - oppression of uselessness, an otioseness presses very strongly. And when work in an okhotka - creative thought is broad as Volga

Once Horkh walked serene we will dawn in the afternoon across Leipzig, and suddenly to it the beautiful " car was towards rolled out; Benz - Conducted . It made such impression on the engineer that he, vozvratyas home, wrote letters to Karl Bentsu with a request to employ him as the engineer on plant of the last. Strangely enough, but this letter did not remain unaddressed. Soon he crossed a threshold of automobile plant.

The pupil surpassed the teacher

Augustus proved to be the interesting, conceiving engineer. He constantly thought out some improvements, trying to obtain smoothly running operation of each mechanism. Soon diligence and Augustus`s ingenuity did not remain unnoticed, began to trust it the most difficult. And a bit later appointed even the production manager. But Benz had one trouble: it was a little rather niggardly, and Horkh, having convinced that it it is irreplaceable began to demand an increase to a salary, and, powerful. It ended with with what had to end: their ways - paths dispersed Is possible

if Benz saw slightly farther, he would not risk to rasplevyvatsya with Horkh. But he also could not assume that the person whom it, on the understanding, pulled out from dirt will so quickly rise and will be untwisted. But occurred quite so: Horkh founded the enterprise, and already in the following, 1900 gate of its plant were left by the first " car; Horkh which had the two-cylinder engine working is slightly heard, unlike threshers Bentsa. Besides there were some more distinctive features: the engine settled down in front, the drive on back wheels was carried out by means of a leather belt, and the transmission was blocked with the main transfer.

But Horkh would not be Horkh if calmed down on reached. He began to develop the six-cylinder engine and was nearly ruined. Having understood that for some time it appeared weak link Augustus accepts very unusual (especially for nowadays) the decision - he leaves native a child, " plant; Horkh also founds the new enterprise.

Left in a huff and... became famous

there is a beautiful legend as the name of the new car was thought up. Like, in the middle of hot debate someone said I crown the phrase in Latin: Audiatur et grazed an alter! - listen to other party! So the name " was born; " Audi; in which production Horkh soon was also engaged rather racing car (against others) was

It. In spite of the fact that Augustus had a sight not all that well, he personally took part in the Alpine races and called one of the " models; Subjugator of the Alps (Alpensieger). It was issued till 1922

But, for God`s sake, do not think that Horkh was a lovely odd fellow - very pedantic and accurate, he did not love sloppiness and lack of punctuality: at Horkh`s plant the cult of cruel penalties always reigned, each delay it was surely punished, was about to tell, ruble - it is natural, a pfennig. And, in process of increase in time of delay, the size of a penalty similar to dews

to Nazis He cocked a snook at

there was a pedant, the bore and very quarrelsome person. What is surprising - before anybody did not take off a hat and did not bow. When Hitler came to the power in Germany, his henchmen did everything possible that daddy Horkh noted by then 65 - the anniversary, surely entered NSDAP that, undoubtedly, would lift authority the nazi of party. But so nobody managed to try to persuade Augustus, he and remained non-party

It, in some measure, rescued it from prosecution during the post-war period. But by then Horkh`s character finally deteriorated. It ceased in general where - or to invite, being afraid to spoil a celebration, and it departed from active life. Augustus not in August, and on February 3, 1951 on 83 - m to year of life died.

And its child - " Audi; - fine monument to the creator