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In what myths about smoking modern smokers trust?

At every time - the legends. At ancient Greeks - one, at medieval knights - others. In the modern world of legends it is not less if it is no more, information has no borders now, the people of the different countries and continents can chaotically mix up as their culture mixes up, beliefs and beliefs.

However, some legends are universal and surprisingly hardy. For example, legends of smoking and smokers. Here the most widespread of them.

1. Smoking will help to become more slender and to lose weight

A you never saw smokers of Gargantyua? And what, they have an appetite less, than at other people, or the waist is thinner (in a percentage ratio to fatty folds)? Unfortunately, communication between smoking and obesity has only inverse relation. The person who is leaving off smoking (especially leaving off smoking not for the first time, throwing constantly and regularly), is nervous more. Much need to occupy with something themselves therefore thought up any candies and pastils for brosalshchik besides such tablets quite often have smack of tobacco.

And as there is not enough one of pleasures (a cigarette or a cigar) of usual everyday life leaving off smoking, the pleasure another comes to the rescue - more, more often and more tasty to eat. It is no secret that many people inclined to completeness eat for pleasure - especially when everything is bad also it is necessary to receive at least a small portion of happiness. Smoking does not beat off appetite and does not reduce the stomach size. And for striving for beauty not only symmetry, but also clean skin, white teeth, fresh breath - the fact that it is absent at the heavy smoker are important.

2. Smoking calms, removes a nervous tension

Especially if tension and concern is caused by lack of a habitual cigarette and next portion of tobacco. Then yes, calms. But unless non-smoking people more nervous and restless, than smokers? Approximately also addicts tell that so far they in the " system; - nothing hurts them and everything is all right. And it is worth not to accepting a dose - and at once nerves, spasms, persuasive states. And if to try to come off the withdrawal pains begin. And diseases everyones begin. So far in the " system; - it was healthy (in any case, felt nothing) as soon as tried to throw - at once ached. And any eases rely the diseased.

3. In order that it is better to concentrate and get to work - it is necessary to light

It as ritual. Our ancestors, prehistoric hunters, before going to work (forgive, on hunting) and to get, for example, a mammoth, made some ceremonies providing good luck. Ritual dances and prayers about the good luck accompanying on hunting exist and until now - in the remained wild tribes some by miracle.

And in the modern world before work it is accepted to leave in a smoking-room, to smoke one - other sigarette, to share with the colleague it or the thoughts, to be adjusted for work. In a smoking-room there are even non-smoking employees because it is necessary to participate in ritual dances. During such rituals it is also possible to obtain important information, to hear what is not discussed in an office, and even to make any decision, to develop a line of conduct.

4. The smoking person (especially the teenager) looks more adult and independent, more abrupt

the Argument for teenagers. And will not come to the normal self-sufficient adult to mind to doubt the maturity, coolness and self-sufficiency. And even to be as all there is no wish any more. It is necessary to smoke a habit or because you cannot throw.

5. Smoking - it is prestigious

Most of people smoke rather inexpensive brands of cigarettes if not to tell - absolutely cheap. If to smoke a pack - another in day, then on expensive cigarettes of money you will not save enough. And what prestigious in it? In the majority of the western countries there is a promotion of a healthy lifestyle, and thought that susceptibility to smoking testifies to weakness rather, than about strength of mind, already for anybody is not new.

6. Smoking is hazardous to health. For all, but not for me

are, as a rule, shown by

of the Illness after 10 - 15 years of continuous and active smoking. To tell the fifteen-year-old guy about possible impotence which expects him years through to nadtsat owing to narrowing of blood vessels (and not only in lungs and respiratory system) - it is useless. He just cannot imagine it yet. Lung cancer and a stomach - too it is terrible, but it is still far, still it is necessary to live up to such age. So why to refuse to itself pleasures?.