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When it is possible to refuse work? On interview of

you go for interview and are ready to make every effort to prove to be the good and perspective employee and to prove that you are worthy to get a job? And never came to your mind that not all work is worthy you, to put it mildly. It is possible that you not only will not win, having got such job, but also you will lose - time, nerves, money, reputation?

All that glitters is not gold. Perhaps, after a while you will regret that you agreed to this work or that provided the documents for its receiving. Even if offer you huge earnings for the pleasant pastime by some accident called by work and promise prospects of career development - think and whether such work is necessary to you? Whether the firm will keep the promises - or in practice everything will appear not absolutely as in words? Pay attention to some features of carrying out interview which can indicate dishonesty of the employer.

1. Before employment, during mass interview (that is its first stage which is carried out by the personnel officer with all applicants who learned about vacancy, and them there can be tens and hundreds), your documents (or their copies) " can ask to give you; on studying : diplomas, passport, identification code, number of social insurance. In most cases, private papers demand to show (but not to give!) during employment or during the second stage of interview when you communicate directly with the management. You are sure that this information will not be used then without your permission? Of course, the desire to get well paid work is big - especially when there are no other equivalent prospects and is not expected.

But whether it is worth giving information on itself into strange hands? You are sure that firm (or one of her employees who got access to your documents) will not come to bank with the same documents, having provided them as documents well, for example, the guarantor on pledge? Or in shop of household appliances with these documents some home theater with the huge screen will not be bought? Perhaps, it will be made by the person externally similar to you. And it is yet not the most criminal options of use of someone else`s documents. By the way, some companies manage to ask future employees to provide the daddy with private papers in their order even before interview. We, say, need to study your documents to solve, whether to invite you on interview.

2. You came to interview during which you begin to be asked strenuously, than you were engaged on the previous place of work - well, you want to check for competence. Then ask you questions of work of the firm, its structural divisions, influential employees standing on key posts; about suppliers, clients and partners - guards nothing? You can be also asked on knowledge of client base whether you will be able to use it during the work in new firm (perhaps, it will become the main condition at employment). You still want to build career in this company? Can happen so that when you restore contacts with old clients from the previous place of work, you will be asked to write the application At own will ?

3. You are invited to interview, but do not report about nature of the forthcoming work, despite your questions: You Will come - and you will see . You can even not go. Most likely, it is network marketing in this or that its form. You want to work prodavalshchik - I wish good luck. It is not the worst work, some manage even to earn quite decent money - if they stand at the origins and are closer to a feeding trough. But not to everyone it is given. And not always pays off.

4. On columns and fences, it is possible to learn from the newspaper of free announcements about a set of employees and trade experts with payment from 800 c.u. . Besides, specifics of work, as a rule, are not specified. Experience - is not necessary. As well as both the company name, and an accurate salary is not reported. How many you will earn - all yours.

5. For employment (even before interview and a meeting with the personnel officer) it is necessary to fill in the questionnaire. And in it - a heap of questions of you, including data of personal character. And the data concerning your previous work. Again there are two questions: where will go (and how it will be used) information and how your future employer will concern to the employee (and you assume that you are already considered as the employee, isn`t it?) who lets out all secrets of firm. Why to them such happiness to the own harm?

6. You are invited to interview - urgently. And the fact that you now, for example, are ill or you are in other settlement, concerns nobody. To me set a condition once: or I am on interview tomorrow morning to Kiev (at the time of this telephone conversation I just approached to Ai - Petri in the Crimea and there was it at 8 o`clock in the evening) - or nobody will even speak about work with me. Notice that no guarantees that I finally will get a job not that was not, about it even conversation went. And it besides that it is possible to reach in a night from the Southern coast of the Crimea in the winter Kiev only by the charter plane. How treat employees in this firm? Employees are more dependent on the employer and it is easier to exert impact on them.

7. The most inexpensive, but the most widespread fraud. You are asked to leave in firm some sum of money. For example, for the fact that your questionnaire will be considered quicker. As they have no personnel officer, and for work with questionnaires they invite specially trained person. It turns out that he gets paid from your pocket - from the unemployed pocket (I hope, temporarily jobless).

About work so-called " news agencies; which take money not for employment, and, for example, for entering in the databank (and it irrespective of the end result), and it is not necessary to speak. It is possible to get a job in such agency only by mere chance - it already received the money and you do not interest it any more. As a rule, large employment agencies, charge a fee from employers for selection of employees. As a last resort, percent from the first salary of the applicant on a workplace - and that upon receiving a salary.

Sometimes it is worth refusing temptation to take these several steps - because it is steps in the wrong direction and they will only alienate you from the purpose. To leave in time - means not to enter at all.

Successful to you works - as in material, and morally.