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How to leave off smoking?

... Are subject to addiction to smoking as the powers that be (by the way whether they are strong in this case?), and ordinary people. Doctors smoke, athletes smoke, psychologists and psychotherapists smoke... Men and women, children and old men smoke... Rather healthy people and those who already on the edge smoke... Mark Twain threw more than once and more than once anew began to smoke. Konstantin Simonov considered that if you terminated tobacco, then you it is caught by the real melancholy... . Smokers would have to damn Peter I for the fact that he legalized tobacco smoking in Russia... When I decided to leave off smoking

(I do not smoke the fifth year), 2 - x I lacked packs of cigarettes in day already catastrophically... Frankly speaking, I left off smoking three times, but started twice over again (without testing thirst for smoking any more!) just like that, for the company, by nonsense and thoughtlessness! Whether it is worth throwing with such work then to light again?! It is easy, difficult to leave off smoking not to begin again, having incidentally broken... Having decided to leave off smoking

, it is not necessary to appoint any concrete dates and furthermore, to swear relatives oaths and promises. It is not necessary to speak to himself, here I will finish smoking this pack, this cigarette, here I will wait for holiday, days off, and then... Having resolved to leave off smoking, it is necessary to throw at once, unconditionally and certainly, without keeping any backdoor ways and ways for retreat! Mobilize all the Force! Mobilize all the Will! Mobilize all the Will power! Also leave off smoking! Immediately!! You can!!! Many recommend

, leaving off smoking, at desires to light - to drink cold water, to chew and click temporary substitutes of tobacco - lollipops, candies, sunflower seeds, - all this nonsense! The main thing - your internal spirit! It is necessary to foster the Will power, but not the low habit! It is necessary to Respect Himself and to Respect Itself - You! - to force people around! If someone - at least even only one person on light! - could leave off smoking, really You will not be able?! You will be able, the Person is given birth non-smoking, the Person is given birth Strong, the Person is given birth Free! You can!!!

If you already had unsuccessful attempts to leave off smoking, and your relatives and friends do not believe that you will be able and you already despaired and do not trust yourself, - this time at you everything will turn out! Believe me! You will be able!!! We will be able!!!

... There will be recurrence, one of the strongest - approximately in 3 weeks after you leave off smoking. Suddenly will roll it... At heart it will become sad before and pakostno that the whole world is not lovely and there is no wish to live! And such confidence that if now I do not smoke, - I will die on the place! At such moments all yours I demand tobacco and shouts: Give! Give! Give, and that I will die!. . Do not give an easy time to yourself! Break yourself, take yourself by the throat! You can!!! Soon the tobacco smoke you will become opposite to

and, perhaps, there will even be an emetic spasm when somebody lights nearby. But be not under a delusion that all already behind: tobacco - the strong enemy, and just like that, without fight, he does not give up! But You is stronger than it! You already won against it! Do not give the Victory! You can!!! Even if friends and girlfriends light

nearby, - do not give in on provocation! You do not smoke any more! You are an owner, but not the slave to the habits! You can!!!

... After I left off smoking, nearly two years I dreamed the same dreadful dream. As though I broke and lit on - black, greedily and vzasos. And before all this saw and felt so clearly as though occurred in reality - even taste of tobacco felt so that it, appear, could work as the taster at tobacco factory! - and here, having woken up in the middle of the night, feverishly you reflect, actually again lit or all - dreamed?. Thank God, only dreamed!.

... Even if the one whom you respect and who was for you an example broke and lit, - do not smoke, keep! If you have nobody to follow an example, so you for yourself have to be an example!! You can!!!

Many smokers, leaving off smoking, become misanthropes. Do not repeat this mistake. Remember that other people are not guilty that you have a temporary depression.

There will be also pleasant moments, and much! Short wind, tachycardia, cough will disappear. Waits for you one more surprise: having left off smoking, you will open for yourself one more world - the World of Smells!. to

Remember that the single strong-willed decision it is impossible to leave off smoking, - to overcome itself and the thrown habit it is necessary for the rest of the life, every day and each hour, every instant, with each breath of pure (!) air... But You will be able! I believe in You! You believe in Yourself! Us already two against your addiction, so, We are stronger! The enemy will be broken, the Victory will be for Us! You can!!! We could!!! We made it!!! I am glad for You! I am proud of You!!!