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What it, loose tongue? Erotic language

After discussion of some " types; " languages; it is a high time to pass to special language, erotic...

Ah, charming women! They - that know how it is correct to wave the handle that the gentleman fell down under a table. Not at most blow, of course, and from the powerful wave of a charm which is suddenly overtaking and all sweeping away on the way.

As it is correct to rise, sit down, to do up hair - all - everything these seductresses know. So, it is considered that if the woman openly shows the defenseless parts of the body, it implicitly expresses to that the consent to implicit courting from the man. For example, unanimously carry the wrist back to such sites (try - without special preparation erotically to wave a wrist towards the man!) .

Many business women use erotic language when carrying out business negotiations . As if accidentally, inadvertently, a light touch to the man`s hand, negligent tilting of hair from a neck to slightly open the most vulnerable, cat`s a zone on a back surface of a neck - and terms of the contract can already seriously change in its advantage. However, cunning men began to take on such negotiations of business women, , and with them will not cook some good porridge.

In the neighbourhood with erotic aromatic language , language of smells, language of pheromones settles down. Its main task - to attract an opposite sex as some plants - predators attract the victim already never to let out from the captivity. You noticed what often at a view of the friend of the girlfriend or of the girlfriend of the friend wants to be told: What did he (she) find in she (he) (found)? . Usually the friend (girlfriend) answer something muffled, the " type; well, she (he) is a good person actually without suspecting that it is all about a smell which is so attractive by to it that all the rest never to understand its choice.

Now even appeared a pheromone perfume , probably, someone is haunted by mythical glory Perfumer Suskind.

I will A little distract. When the man noticed you and began to examine, the most interesting game, " begins; glyadelka . Here it is necessary to be able to hold the fort who the first will look away, that also lost. By the way, the winner in fauna is determined by the same principle. That the dog recognized you stronger than and obeyed, it is necessary to force her to look away, then to tumble down on a back and to bare a stomach. No, not the. Dogs.

Now from dogs it is possible to pass to men smoothly. Or not, we will better pass to the women who mastered erotic language. Most of all in this regard it was lucky to geishas . Not that it was lucky because easily got, taking into account - that their long-term, labor-consuming and careful training nearly to all on light. It was lucky that perfectly know. And not only sign language.

For example, the professional geisha even chaste dance is capable to dement men of all age and nationalities. Remember at least dance of the main character in the movie Memoirs of the geisha . The unusual force and beauty of execution just bewitch, forcing down a breath rhythm up to apnoe.

The secret erotic sign language is capable to remove indecision of the man or the woman`s tension when all attempts to cross a line of demarcation come to an end with deportation. Here will be helped by a favorite method of all TV men, when the hero (heroine) slowly gets up, approaches the partner behind, puts hands on shoulders and slowly (and it is thoughtful!) begins to mass them slightly.

Or other way, however, unlike previous, can be applied by only women . It is necessary to approach object and to take it for a tie. At the same time it is necessary to control itself that hands involuntarily did not begin to tighten knot stronger, stronger, stronger. The tie should be corrected carefully and to run slowly over it a hand down, at the same time your fingers have to touch slightly a body of object and slide smoothly down a shirt. See you again. With a stomach. However, maybe, will carry, and obstacles will not be though with age on it hopes less.

Carry to erotic gestures also such doubtfully - decent as a shoe flop on a heel (looks awfully indecently, from a good institution can expel for such platitude) either stroking of a long subject, or the movement by fingers around a glass, or crossing of legs by an example of the heroine Sharon Stone in Main instinct and so on. Just huge number of similar listed the tricks, tricks and manipulations which are most effectively working at the individuals who are not reading clever books is known.

The woman - a cunning element of an ecosystem. It follows the sophisticated and secret plan of an entrapping, and the man for the rest of the life thinks that he took the decisive first step and got in carefully placed trap.

And meanwhile, the real erotic language still is in a stage of development and many people experience obvious difficulties in designation of the juiciest parts of the body (not to offer options!).


Be continued.