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How to struggle with financial diseases?

When the person get sick - it has three exits:

1. To ignore an illness, to suffer it and to postpone for later visit to the doctor.

2. At once to go to the doctor and to recover.

3. To self-medicate.

When the person has financial diseases - that the situation repeats, only in other plane:

1. It is possible to pretend that nothing terrible or special occurs (whether for a long time?) and to continue to lead former life.

2. It is possible to address the financial consultant, however, at us it is a rarity.

3. It is possible to self-medicate. For a start to analyse a ratio of the income - expenses. Their expediency, timeliness and need.

Universal recipe of successful financial recovery to earn more, to spend less, and to put a difference for receiving profit it is similar to the recipe of weight loss to guzzle less and to move more also it is also difficult feasible. That is all, of course, know that whatever was the diet, its essence is reduced to reduction of consumption of nutrients, improvement and acceleration of a metabolism and burning of calories.

In the same way needless to say that money does not come from anywhere. In order that in to a bedside table from where you want to get money, this money was found, they should be put there (or to find the person who will make it for you). Nothing arises from anywhere. The expense should not be more, than the income - differently it will not be long and stocks (if they incidentally arose will be settled, at it - that approach to money!) . And your ship of dream will sit down on a financial bank. And no ancient plots, rituals of the address with coins and their paper equivalent, knowledge the fan - Shui and avoiding of black cats and empty buckets will help to become the rich or at least provided to the person who spends more, than earns.

The main financial diseases are considered in the previous article: rastrynkivaniye of money, petty economy, economy global and debt diseases.

To recover from them, so far disease is at an initial stage and did not reach a critical point yet, it is enough to connect common sense, rationality, honesty (first of all, before itself, especially in calculation of money), ability to consider and write and patience. And, patience - the most important.

Maintaining the house budget within 3 days whatever correct and honest it was will give nothing. And to count (and to write down!) income and expenses within at least several months are almost a feat. Especially for want of habit. Especially after leading of the first results when it can turn out that 20 - 30% of the family or personal budget are spent for trifles which at the end of the month it is even difficult to remember. And important and necessary things and remain not bought - because there was not enough money.

Or because the money spent for entertainments, ate an opportunity to get a necessary education or to complete advanced training courses. Or because the money saved on the credit with a zero rate turned out with a minus sign, but not with a plus. If to consider that minus is a subtraction from the budget in favor of bank or the seller, and plus - addition of money in a purse. As the goods bought thus for some reason appeared percent 30 more expensive, than similar.

From each illness including the medicine or a combination of drugs is financial (some diseases demand an integrated approach).

1. Maintaining the budget

the Budget (not very well, in writing or in an electronic form) - is not simple medicine. It as the healthy lifestyle for maintenance of an organism is normal. Maintaining accounts department (even the most simplified) and planning of the budget (as well as a healthy lifestyle) are useful not only to financial welfare as for a sick organism, but also for healthy is as the alphabet without which knowledge of letters cannot learn to be read and written it is impossible to move further. Once a day (or time in several days) should be allocated time, to sit down and write down all expenses and the income. And at the end of the month to count how many where it is spent and how many from where it is received. Also it is necessary to consider all trifles - especially at first. It then it is possible to divide money on small groups on interests depending on their appointment: on the apartment, on food, on clothes, on transport, on communication, on gifts, on entertainments, on investment.

2. Analysis of the budget.

What articles can be reduced (for example, entertainments - until the consumer loan is paid) or to clean at least temporarily. What articles the order of expenditure (for example is better to transform and change, some long-playing products, such as tea, coffee, sugar, canned food, potato, cigarettes) can be wholesaled. The main thing, then not to spend them too wholesale - looking at abundance in the storeroom. Where and what it is possible to save on, having used discounts, discount cards when it is time to change the supplier? How to increase the income? How to make it so not to worsen quality of life?

3. Revision of the relation to a consumer loan.

the Goods taken on credit have to pay back this credit. If there is no opportunity to buy phone for 200 dollars at once why to take it on credit for 270 dollars (if to count all percent)? How you think, it is the good, useful credit?

If you buy on tick the car and then earn from it by private or official carrying, and the car pays for itself (the truth, at the same time yours are spent health and nerves, you risk to have an accident, and you are helped out by only your ability well and to go safely) - that is the good credit?

If you buy on tick the apartment, its cost during the credit will increase approximately twice, and you earn money for payment of percent, letting the same apartment - it is the good credit? Or if you cease to rent apartment and to monthly pay a great lot of money to foreign uncle, and you pay the same sum as the monthly sum for the apartment bought on the installment plan is a good credit?

But the most effective financial diseases medicine is a common sense and calculation. Unfortunately, they often are not enough. And it is the heaviest to catch and put them into practice. Too often they come already with experience, with the mistakes, with the debts.

Good luck to you.