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What financial diseases happen?

In the same way as exist diseases physical (and they need to be treated, itself for some reason usually it is not recovered), there are also diseases financial.

There is a lot of them, but all of them have the general symptom: expenses exceed the income. However. Sometimes it occurs in rather veiled form, and all because many people are accustomed to set off in the column investments and to expect the most real expenses. That after expenditure of money on such doubtful investments on them the golden shower of the income posyptsya.


When Buratino dug money to the earth - as you think, it were investments or expenses? From the point of view of Buratino - it is unconditional, investments. And from the point of view of Alice`s fox and Basilio`s cat?

Types of financial diseases:

1. Rastrynkivaniye of money.

Sometimes not justified and not giving in to a logical explanation. For those who do not want to be treated for this illness, but want to consider himself keeping up to date, the modern, fashionable and prestigious name of this illness is thought up: shopogolizm.

2. Petty economy. Such economy conducts

eventually to overexpenditures. For example, to buy products cheaper, house (or wild) the hostess goes to the market on other end of the city. Spends in the afternoon for purchases and trade with sellers, loses nerves and health (you would try to drag all this home). As a result, the money saved on a difference in the prices is lost at the expense of fare and an obveshivaniye in the market.

3. The economy is global. by

It is saved on everything - it became not just a habit any more, and a way of life. From - for such economy of people refuses to itself daily small pleasures (good clothes and entertainments cost money), communication with friends (a sit-round gathering in cafe - it is expensive). The economy occurs even at the expense of itself, darling: why to buy good and qualitative clothes if sekond - hend is not worse at all; why to go to a hairdressing salon or salon and to make toilet if the neigbour is able to cut too (the question as even it is not discussed); why to get an education and to increase the level? Arguments that the person who spent some part of the income for improvement of (education, professional development, appearance, eventually), has more chances to earn, are also not taken into consideration.

4. Debt diseases.

to Ache with debt diseases also easily, as well as infectious - the benefit of nurseries of both those, and others in modern conditions - loads. And it is very difficult to recover (and besides without consequences) and self-treatment, as a rule, does not help. In the most hard cases both infectious, and debt diseases can pass into a chronic, long form when to recover, I`m sorry, to get rid of one credit, it is necessary to take another, under bigger percent. And immunity, that is financial welfare, from it only worsens.

5. Financial adultery. from

In a varying degree it almost all families as however, the adultery (read, change) is present also at many families suffer. And in our society it already almost stopped being something outstanding. The financial adultery is when one (or both) from spouses the part of the income (usually, underestimates) hides or hides articles of the expenses (transfers the expenses made in the column I on the columns Family Children Food and others).

6. Financial workaholism - too an illness. When earning money substitutes for

such main and vital processes as happiness, love, art, rest, reciprocity and many others. There are cases when earning money forces out all other occupations and processes in human life, such person imperceptibly for himself mutates in the press. It is an illness chronic, at the first stages difficult distinguishable. Results of such disease are usually noticed already right at the end when the illness gets the menacing and not giving in corrections of a form. The illness is known long ago, it is regularly described even by the people far from medicine and finance: Dostoyevsky describing the old woman - the moneylender in Crime and punishment Balzac in many stories and stories mentions Gobseka.

7. Financial incest.

Has two infectious forms:

a) money is given to relatives (the wife, children, parents) with the purpose to lead them in a string that did not disturb;

) is developed, specially or unintentionally, immunity at close people to desire to work and to provide itself.

Good to you health - both physical, and financial!